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  1. :ashamed2:Thankyou.
  2. What's your angle? :hmmm: :eyeball:
  3. Good enough for what, some Spanish fool's approval?:sigh:
  4. You'll be the one changing. Alissasantiago doesn't change for anyone :hand:
  5. Even if we stole it first, Im accusing the Spanish! (I'll always find the excuse to accuse them )

    Aww thanks!!
    Show me your picture then :sexface:
  6. Hmmm google much??

    You (Spanish) have only achieved so many countries to speak your own language because you have stolen the Portuguese land. What does that say about you? Not a nice thing, is it?
  7. I only knew Torres and Fabregas Of course I lack of knowledge for football, Im a girl!!

    Oh well, why dont you enlighten me with your Spanish knowledge and tell me the uses of the Spanish language?
  8. :zomg: Why?
  9. lol. Firstly, I cant name more than 3 players a team. It's a fact. Not the Portuguese one, or even Liverpool (which is the team I support ) so let alone the Spanish team; that I mostly hate because, oh yes you guessed it, they're Spanish!!

    And I can speak and write Spanish. How could you assume that I cant? Portuguese intelligence is better than the Spanish one (I thought I had convinced you of that already..)
  10. Yes, all the star players, indeed.
    But we beat you guys on the last game 4-0

    I think that deep down inside, Spanish people would love to be Portuguese. Because we can understand your language but [most of] you cant understand ours

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