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  1. Hi,
    I am a student with cerebral palsy ,******* diplegia. I know about all the aid offer to students, But I an international student so I am not very sure about what is offer for me.
    Can you help?
    thank you
  2. Hello Long time no speak at all! How are you?
  3. I've accepted you into the Security Council so you can go vote now on that resolution! :yy:
  4. House of Jonny
    Can I join th Yorkshire society please. I sent a request ages ago thanks
  5. :hugs:
  6. I just realised you gave me my second green gem.
    Thank you :cute:
  7. Hello,
    I was wondering if I could apply to join the MUN group?
    I have experience having been to Haileybury MUN.

  8. Trouble is, now you know I was stalki...looking at your profile! I was just drawn by your twilight-like nature
  9. Hello Mr Yorkist. Your location sounds poetic and lovely.
  10. But you promised you would look at mine 5 days ago

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