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  1. Hello! Here is the list of books that I have for English Q300 (some may be from additional modules).

    Brave New World - Huxley - Vintage
    The Odyssey - Homer - Duckworth
    Alan Bennett - Four Stories - Profile Books
    Jane Austen - Sense and Sensibility - Everyman's Library
    Homer - The Odyssey - Penguin Classics
    Carter - The Magic Toyshop and other stories - VMC
    The Spanish Tragedy - Thomas Kyd - Revel
    Jane Austen - Mansfield Park - Oxford
    Innocence/Experience - Blake - Oxford
    The Merchant of Venice - Shakespeare - Oxford
    Great Expectations - Dickens - Penguin
    Wordworth/Coleridge - Lyrical Ballads - Penguin
    Mrs Dalloway - Virginia Woolf - Penguin
    Wieland - Charles Brockden Brown - Oxford
    Henry James - The Turn of the Screw - Penguin
    Donna Tartt's The Secret History readers guide by Tracy Hargreaves - Continuum
    Hamlet - Shakespeare - Cambridge
    Dr Faustus - Christopher Marlowe - New Mermaids edition
    Freud - The Essentials of Psychoanalysis - Vintage
    Wollstonecraft - A Short Residence in Sweden - Penguin
    Poe - Selected Tales - Penguin
    Bram Stoker - Dracula - Penguin
    Orwell - Shooting an Elephant - Penguin
    JG Ballard - Crash - Harper
    Carter - American Ghosts and Old World Wonders - Vintage
    Carter - The Bloody Chamber - Vintage
    Joseph Heller - Catch 22 - Vintage
    Aphra Benn - Oroonoko - Penguin
    Ben Jonson - Bartholomew Fair - Revels
    The Annotated Alice - Lewis Carroll - Martin Gardner - Penguin

    Let me know if you would like any and we can sort out prices etc! x
  2. Did you do it? I hopefully will be, in uni summer holidays next year though
  3. Hey, I dont think you replied back to your thread you started about the ICS/VSO year abroad. Did you end up going? How was it? Telll me everything!! I really wanted to go this summer but I'd be abit crammed with time as I'm looking to go to university this year too, so looking to go next summer, even though its a while away.
  4. Just came across a few of your tomorrowland threads. Did you end up going last year then?
  5. OK GUYS lets have less of the creepy comments and start treating her like a lady?! :rollseyes:
  6. do you have any old shoes i can buy from you?
  7. Are you looking to raise some money?
  8. the word of the day is legs. lets go back to my place and spread the word
  9. hii yeahh future leeds-goer. hoping to study Communications/journalism. how about you?? you on the acess course thing too then?
  10. There are a lot of people who enjoy outdoor sports, and also a lot of people who don't, but they're young so their bodies will basically put up with all the pot noodles they throw at it. If you're like me, however, and do not have such a considerate body (mine refuses to produce insulin and puts on 5lbs when I so much as look at a fairy cake), then perhaps the fitness would be a good plan if you want.

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