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  1. hahaha thanks, but she blows me out the water!
  2. Wanted to reply to your thread but it is closed. If what you say is true then what i don't understand is how 99% of guys get pussy. And there is never ever an article on someone who doesn't get any in any newspaper. Also not all girls are the bitcy clubber type. Who wants to associate witht hem anyway? After deliberation with my friend I think that the "clubs are for picking up girls" adage is largely false. Clubs are places you go to bond with girls you already know

    And as for a girl I just met sending me a pic of her vagina, I would press the "avoid" button real fast no matter how good she looks.
  3. Hey, troll thread deserves troll reply! All's fair on the internet :P
  4. I love that gif!
  5. Thank you! It is really does make you think, it's one of my favourite quotes of all time.
  6. English or something to do with Psychology. Though I'm the kind of person who changes her mind about these things really fast, I have a bad habit of developing random interests out of the blue :/

    I'm an aunt and I love it Well, not directly haha my cousins have babies and they call me aunty Suppose it would be different if they were my brother or sister's children, more pressure to be responsible haha. What are you planning on doing after uni? Have you decided on a career?
  7. Looks like you're going to be a busy uncle then :p:
    How are you finding sociology?
    I'm taking a gap year, can't decide what I want to do >.<
  8. Awh bless! When is he or she due?
    Hmm fantastic because the weather is lovely, finally met up with a few friends I haven't seen for a long time and because I have a box of Heroes
    So what are you studying at uni?
  9. Okay okay, I've been fantastic! :p:
    Oooh so any plans for when you get back home?
  10. Awh good haha yeah I've been pretty well thank you, how about you?

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    I dislike: ignorance, right-wing boneheads, greed, cheating, lying, snooty people, pork scratchings, al murray, hangovers, winter.

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