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  1. Well, at least you aren't in my position, taking the tube every da I don't have an excuse not to know! Hehe
    Oh whoops! :P Haha no unfortunately it's just lectures, so not particularly interesting really. Nice to have some variation though, I guess.
  2. Haha mere experience I suppose.
    Yeah the Metropolitan Line isn't too popular, which is good.
    Ah, I wish it was still a quid for a day's travel!! So annoying how now it depends when and where, I can never work out how much anything is
    What, you mean in the summer?
  3. I wouldn't say you're lacking in willpower, sleep is the hardest thing to conquer
    Yeah going into central = dying from crowdedness. I ignorantly forget how bad it gets (I go the opposite direction from everyone else so it's really empty) but with the occasional school trip (have one tomorrow!) I realise how horrible it is for some!
    Meh, at least it's free :P
  4. Yeah that's exactly what I'd do!!
    Changing sleeping pattern takes guts...
    That's why in the summer I want to follow it religiously for, say, a week, and seeing if I can get used to it (and more importantly if it feels better).
    I'm guessing it would take a lot longer? :P
  5. Doubt I would have stuck to it in half term :P
    Yeah bus journeys can be really tiring!
    I used to take the bus and switched to the Underground, just wears me out so much less :P
  6. I have no idea how that set-up would feel- maybe something to experiment with in the summer? Argh, when I have naps in the middle of the day I usually feel horribly groggy afterwards and can't do anything. But there is that rare time when you feel wonderfully refreshed!
  7. Yeah that's true, it's not very long...
    I guess it's just reserved for relaxation time though, so two hours isn't bad
  8. I suppose that stuff is true! Although he was horribly violent :P
    Yeah I'd MUCH rather go to Trinity Hall than Trinity.
    Dammit I want to sleep...
    Food for thought (or dreams):
  9. Ok! Funny how it's so left-wing with those guys being the founders :P
    Well, you know that Trinity Hall was originally Trinity? And then the fascist Henry VIII (sorry) insisted his college would be Trinity (which wasn't even knew, just merging of old ones- unfair that they're so big/rich) and so Trinity had to change to Tit Hall :P
    Yeah, thanks!!
    A real shame, I still feel we should be slacking/celebrating...
  10. So you're also a lefty?
    Well, 'King's' surely has to continually change depending on who's in charge... Who was the original King? And changing from the traditional 'hall' to 'college' is hardly a change! Only took us 12 years to find a name Far faster than Murray Edwards...
    Ah that must feel so good! Looks like biology coursework, English coursework and history coursework are all going to have to be done at around the same time (Very soon!)
    Yeah, it's crazy, we've got less than 9 weeks or something of school ever.

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