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  1. Ah, shame. Erm, I don't think so.
    Ah, we did Nineteen Eighty-Four last year In fact it came up in my interview.
    And haven't heard of that!
  2. Yeah some are doing those three at my school- Faustus is the only overlap for me though, doing Paradise Lost to compare with it in the exam and then a question on Othello.
    For coursework it's A Woman of No Importance (Wilde), The Rainbow (DH Lawrence) and Carol Ann Duffy poems.
    Erm, can't remember everything but things like The Monkey's Paw and The Red Room
  3. Heh, yeah AQA always seems to be the most reliable exam board for some reason...
    Ooh, we did a lot of Gothic for GCSE I think, it's not bad!
  4. Well good luck
    Yeah I know it's weird- erm, OCR I think.
  5. Haha it's so true, people seem to know London everywhere...
    Oh damn, hope it went well!!
    Yeah that's pretty annoying actually.
    Erm, we've done one history coursework and aren't far with the second, and haven't started the only English coursework yet.
  6. I guess they must do.
    Ah ok, makes no difference then.
    Mine's Highgate on the Northern Line
    That's funny, we just got a new head too! (It may or may not go downhill, hard to say at the moment, but basically it's either maintain or go down unfortunately!)
    Yep, we won't be affected :P
  7. Yeah Finnish is SO weird! My best friend is fluent because his mum's from there- went there once, tried to learn bits and gave up :P
    Haha that's another reason it's so great to get Cam!! I got rejected by Bristol actually, funny system...
    Ah ok, easy insurance then Yeah I think it's true about Notts over Glasgow, and also I think Scottish courses are generally four years? (And still expensive).
    Ah I'm from North London too! Which tube stop? lol
    There's quite a lot, yeah- selective grammar school. Don't give a damn of course but what's your school like?
  8. Tell me about it! I keep reading websites about Cambridge...
    Ooh, not bad! Hope that was part of your selection process haha
    Yeah sounds quite intimidating- apparently there are people in Finland who listen to a Latin radio station, would you believe.
    Yep Cam as firm, Durham as insurance.
    Ah right- what's it between? Oh and whereabouts are you from?
  9. Hah, that's ridiculous! This is the kind of stuff I want to be learning at Cambridge, you see...
    Yeah true, humanities in general are more risky than sciences
    Haha pity though, Latin sounds awesome!!
    In fact my cousin did classics at Clare and his finals involved no translation at all :P
    Times have changed, eh...
  10. Your signature is so true -.-

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