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  1. Hey man, you seem to be in the exact same situation to me with regards to med school. Can't decide between Glasgow and Aberdeen. I love Glasgow as a city and I have friends there, but with it being PBL I feel like I'm risking it a little bit. Aberdeen has a really great course and teaching I'm fairly used to, but I think I would want somewhere bigger after five years. Had any more thoughts?
  2. I see that you're worried about St.Andrews interview? (Glasgow thread :P) St. Andrews are lovely and I felt like they were trying to help get the best out of me I was worried about the article too, but don't worry, you've got 10 minutes before hadn to sit through and read it, make notes on it, draw on it, do whatever you like and you're allowed to take it into the interview if you want to They know you'll probably be a bit nervous and they accept that so do try and help you out

    Have you got a St. Andrews interview coming up? If theres anything I can help with just give us a message
  3. Hello there, I was wondering if you could please help me...

    I got my results on 4th August - Thursday.

    I got 4 Highers of - Maths, English, French and History.

    However, i would like to know whether i would have a viable and successful chance of getting two appeals.

    I got a 'C' in Higher French, despite getting straight 'As' throughout the year and my Prelim with 74%.
    Would I be able to meet this if i was allowed to appeal or would it only move up to a grade 'B'.

    Secondly, in my English Exam I got a grade 'B' despite getting an 'A' also in my Prelim.
    would I be able to acheive this if i was given an appeal.

    Many thanks, any help is appreciated.
  4. hello, how are you?
    saw you were applying to dundee so thought i'd talk as i am too.

    write back

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