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  1. Hi, can you help me on roman law ?
  2. Hello

    I saw you posted on an Oxford page regarding law applicants for 2013 and you said if anyone had any questions that they should PM you. I'm thinking of applying to Oxford next year but going on the student room is so daunting seeing everyone with 6A's at AS etc etc

    At GCSE I did 9 GCSE's in all the traditional subjects. I got 6A* 3A's.
    At AS-level I got AAAB with high percentages in all the A's and the B is being remarked in the hopes of going up to an A

    I really want to do law and I understand I have to do the LNAT. I have been doing critical thinking exercises in preparation for the multiple choice section and I have been practising persuasive, argumentative essays for the essay section.

    I was just wondering what are my chances of studying Law at Oxford with my grades? I know that the personal statement, references and LNAT score are taken into consideration, but based on my mere grades, what are my chances? Also are you currently at Oxford? If so what were your GCSE grades, AS grades, A2 predictions and A2 result? Also which college are you in and did you apply to anywhere else?

    Sorry for all the questions I am just really eager to go to Oxford!!

    Thanks for any help you can give me
  3. I wasn't aware of the standard offer - thank you! Any advice is much appreciated.
  4. Hi!

    I'm an international student about to begin a gap year and wanting to apply for Law at Trinity (...Oxford, of course). I recently got back my IB results and my point score has dropped a point from what I was predicted due to a shocking overcalculation on Extended Essay, and so my question is - would you happen to know what kind of point score Oxford(/Trinity) are looking for as a minimum ok-we'll-put-you-through-to-interview-stage? (I'm above 39 but lower than 42, and as pretentious as this sounds I feel like an interview would be able to showcase my """skills""" better than exam results.) How did your grades compare applying?

    Thanks for any help in advance!
  5. Hey there,

    My name is Bronagh and I am applying to Oxford, St Anne’s, for law this year. I am a gap year student and was hoping you could tell me what it’s all like. I applied for medicine last year and that is what I am currently studying in my local University. I really want to study law and more importantly want to study it at oxford. I was wondering what college you go to and if there is any advice you could offer. I was also wondering what your typically week involves. I am in Uni 9-5 most days which is a nightmare lol
    Thanks for any help/advice

  6. Hi! I'm applying to do Law at Oxford this year and I'm just wondering if you have any advice regarding the LNAT and the interview. I'm just gonna try to be myself and do wider reading but I just want to know if you have any key pieces of advice. Also, what is Law actually like at Oxford? It's all well and good reading about it but is it as accurate as what I've read? Thanks! X
  7. Hi,
    I saw your post on the Oxford thread, and thought I'd drop you a message as I am also hoping to study law at Oxford.
    I was just wondering what sort of things you put in your personal statement. I have done numerous drafts of mine, but at the minute I'm worrying I haven't put everything in that I need!
    Also, which college are you studying at?
    Thank you!
    Emma xx
  8. hi again ) just wondering, what made you decide to study law?
  9. hi, this mite seem like a completely random, but im in the process of choosing my a-level subjects and deciding what i want to do for uni. i'm really focused on law atm tho it just seems really interesting and perfect for me, anywayyyyyy... lol sorry my point is, i was wondering if law is related to history, this is subject wise. do you have to know history really well to be able to study law.

    i kinda wanna know what the main subjects that involve law is. i know english is one, but im not sure what else
  10. Ultimate1
    Thanks for the rep. Repped back

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