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  1. u edited what u wrote before it
  2. wft? the link the language? etc...
  3. yeh so am i im not a guy but im a muslim
  4. sure ur my bruddr from anoder moddur innit just give me time
  5. k ill try
  6. umm illse depends on what its for ?
  7. Waleikumsalam. I will spread the message and he will get justice Inshallah I'll make dua for him.
  8. I worship the Lord Jesus Christ who is God. Jesus is completly God (100% God) and Completly man (100% Man).

    Could you please quote the full verse and where they are from.

    He is God's Son. Jesus is the son of Mary, who is a daughter of Adam, who is the son of God, so everyone is a son of God.

    You should think about your religions origins, PAGAN MOON WORSHIP. God hates that just as mutch.
  9. He gave us Christ to save us from Sin. Therefore he has reedemed those who believe in him.
  10. I am a born again Christian and need no other faith other than the faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. "I am the way and the only way to the Father". (John 14:6)
    Forgiveness of sin, Eternal Life and God's Peace can be yours by welcoming GOD into your life; that's all it takes. You then have the HOLY SPIRIT within you, Amen.

    When I welcomed God into my life I felt a complete change. My life was complete. I know if I die today my soul will go to be with the great I AM. Amen.

    We only need to accept the Love of God into our dark lives so that we become like candles in a dark room, reflecting the Glory of the God most high. You get to experience the gift of the Holy Spirit. No fears, no rituals, no special blessings just for the fortunate few, no confusions, no routines that even you don't understand, just fellowship in GOD for ALL. (God himself says that without Him all our self-righteous deeds are like filthy rags. Isaiah 64:6).

    When The SON Sets You Free, You Are Free Indeed.

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    I'm a Happy muslimah=)
    I like to study and discuss different religions.

    I like studying it.

    And i am, what is called, a ''nature lover''.Love, playing with animals and plants.

    I enjoy reading

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