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  1. Iron Lady
    It may be the 'decent' thing to do, but it's still their opinion/preference.

    I don't care about what the UN says, again it doesn't mean it's right.
  2. Iron Lady
    Says who?
  3. Iron Lady
    Sorry to disappoint you Al, I haven't tried to steal from someone, or worse, murder anyone.
  4. Marriage in churches is a Christian event and Christianity does not approve of gay marriage. As for civil marriage, people should be given the right to vote for how they want marriage to be defined. As prop 8 showed, most Americans do not want gays marrying.

    No, I'm showing you the truth about the homosexuals. They freak me out and they should freak you out too. It's not homophobic to tell the truth. You and the other gays just refuse to see the truth.
  5. No. It is the definition of marriage.

    Do you support pedophilia Alex? Because the gays are more likely to engage in such actions.
  6. Marriage is between a man and a woman.
  7. I have stated many times why homosexual activities are wrong and why the gays should not be allowed to marry. I don't understand why you aren't worried about them?!

    The Supreme Court is not 'America'.
  8. No. This disgusting decision to force people and states to accept false, homosexual marriages should not be allowed. Gross.
  9. As I said to you before, there exists a black market for weapons and illicit drugs despite the fact that neither of these things are basic human needs, and you simply have no answer to this, my mind is completely open if you can come up with a suggestion which would convince me that if you banned the private sector and met everyone's basic needs people still would not try to get trade for personal gain outside what you would allow. You refusal to give me an answer, just screams that you have no clue how it would work and that you're just an angry person with some vague notion about improving the world.

    I've mentioned the USSR once as an example of how rampant black markets can be when the private sector is over-restricted, I've never mention North Korea to you as an example of socialism, this is just you victim-complex coming into play.
  10. You've had about a month to come up with a reason as to why black markets (i.e. an unregulated private sector) would not come into existence if what you advocate were to be implemented. So let's here it.

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