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  1. Iron Lady
    Are you in favour of gay marriage? If you are, David Cameron isn't so bad is he?
  2. Iron Lady
    They're hardly the party of the rich, they are the party of the hard-working. Sorry if this conflicts with your champagne socialist stance.
  3. Iron Lady
    Do you have short term memory loss? Households were in a worse position in 2008-9 than 2010 onwards. Government cuts are needed, unless you want to pay higher taxes - I know you think it's OK for the high earners, but if action isn't taken now, the next generation will have to pay higher taxes, and that means everyone.

    How is someone filth for taking harsh, but necessary, moves?
  4. Iron Lady
    If you dislike Osborne's economic policy that's your opinion but your claim is undermined by referring to his social class. His ability is the attribute that matters.

    What was good about Brown other than plunging this country into debt? You know, if Brown wasn't so reckless, these government cuts wouldn't "hurt" so badly.

    George Galloway is a fruitcake.
  5. Iron Lady
    Why do you want someone to shoot DYKWIA? Aren't you in favour of gun control?
  6. Iron Lady
    Gordon Brown v. George Osborne.
  7. Iron Lady
    Do you like George Galloway?
  8. I don't torture animals. Please be less of a bully Alex.

    No, they didn't have their say. The gays are forcing gay marriage on us state by state. It's a war and we're losing.
  9. And why not let the rest of us have a say in how marriage is defined? It's because they know that the people would say no to gay marriage. Gays are afraid of democracy and freedom.
  10. Did fox news shatter your liberal lies and conditioning?

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