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  1. You are hot.

  2. There never was a song more true
  3. you seem like a cool person :^_^:
  4. Cleared my inbox.
  5. Lulz.
  6. Nah I'm white lol, why you ask?
  7. I just had a massive rant at you over something that wasn't worth ranting over. I'm sorry. I'm a tired insomniac. It's 4am and I have work at 8am tomorrow. I'm being a bit unreasonable.
  8. haha, nah. I don't think I could pull off an afro as well as Jimi did.
  9. Jimmy Hendricks? thought I looked more like Jimi Hendrix myself. :awesome:
  10. but have you got any examples of particularly sarcastic stuff? I tend to lose track of what I say...

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