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  1. SpicyStrawberry
    Found the cat It killed my brain but I got there eventually!
  2. Thanks. Aww, you are good enough. . Sorry, I could not answer your question, so busy with Uni work. Got an essay to hand in soon. . Enjoy the weekend.
  3. :sad:

    I have deleted it for your peace of mind
  4. I can't see the cat
  5. Is there actually a cat in that picture, or is it a game to see how long you can get people to stare, and think they see a cat because they stare so hard?
  6. Uni is alright. Still getting used to the transition from A level though. How about you?
  7. I owe you one! <3

    The way you wrote it got me to understand it
  8. You're good at Chemistry right?

    This is frustrating me.
  9. Hello. UKCAT was average at 640. Applied this morning to Brighton-Sussex, Bristol, Southampton and Hull-York. Hows stuff with you?
  10. I'm hoping to make it into the para / marines though might go for Sandhurst or Dartmouth for officer training - I still have a year and a half to decide.


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