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  1. Awww, thank you

    The Labour Leader hustings in Bristol- I was on his SW campaign team. Gutted when he didn't get in He's an absolutely doll though... x
  2. I <3 your signature!! LOOOL
  3. Merry Christmas!!!!
  4. haha. If it ain't broken, don't fix it
  5. Hey! I meant to respond to you before that blowjob thread got deleted yesterday. I hope you didn't get negged for just being honest. I was called frigid, negged and all sorts but at least I was just honest and didn't try to please those boys. It's funny because some guys who were on about girls being frigid were the same ones who sometimes refer to some of the TSR girls as TSR sluts lol. Anyway thanks for the support.
  6. I'm not sure, maybe if i knew her name. :zomg: who talks like that V
  7. Cheers. I had hoped to thwart this seeming paradox by describing myself as 'auburn', but I suspect I'm fooling no-one.

    (Was it you who repped me a couple of days ago?)
  8. That's nice. What does she do?
  9. That was a little random, but appreciated! Thank you
  10. Lmaoo you don't have to understand the love for Emma Watson, you just have to accept it!

    Nah, but you're cool too

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