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  1. Thanks for your reply. I've already started doing that, I've had some positive responses so I reckon I just have to go for it, if I don't get in I've got a year to improve myself. Fingers crossed now!
  2. Hi chicagowonderland hope things are going well for you at this moment,since we got back after xmas we have been given a few more assignments to do lol.At least i did get another distinction on a assignment i submitted before crimbo lol
  3. I've thought about it quite a bit, at the moment I'm set on become a barrister practising in Crime and Family law. Seems really interesting, plus all that courtroom drama too. Mind you, after I've done my degree I might hate Crime hahah. I'm just sure that at the moment I don't want to do commercial stuff, largely because it's long, boring, and extremely hard to get into. However, it is the highest paid. But I'd rather do something I enjoy and earn less.
  4. That sounds good. It's surprising the amount of differences there are in a degree between universities. UEA looks like a sweet university. I considered it for one my choices but Sussex beat out by just a little lol
  5. Very nice indeed. Is that even if you receive an offer from York?
  6. Ouch, my other choices Queen Mary and Sussex are like that too! I've picked a right bunch hahaha. Hopefully it will all mean well, though!
  7. I hate waiting! Especially when York is concerned because it's my favourite! I've heard Edinburgh and St. Andrews can be crazy slow. Hopefully York will get back to us soon! Maybe it's because we're mature students?
  8. Hi chicagowonderland Merry Xmas to u m8 and all the best to you for 2012 ^_^
  9. Yeah, nothing yet. I know they interview for law so I'm really worried now that I haven't got an invite to interview.
  10. I need to get my head around these two assignments i have to do over the festive season,i am sure you will get there chicagowonderland m8,have every confidence in u ^_^

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