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    :proud: :proud: :proud: Wilhelm Francis Arnold The Great. :proud: :proud: :proud:
    Where I study
    Central Imperial Elite School of Eton, Nordica, Nordicania.
    :proud: Sovereign Chancellor of The Sovereign Imperial States. :proud:
    50 degrees 'North' of the Andromedan Galaxy.
    Star Sign
    About me
    :fuhrer: :fuhrer: :fuhrer: All Hail Chancellor£! All Hail Chancellor£! All Hail Chancellor£! :fuhrer: :fuhrer: :fuhrer:

    Sieg heil! Sieg heil! Sieg heil!

    House of Arnold:

    I am Wilhelm Francis Arnold the Great, the current serving Sovereign Chancellor of the Sovereign Imperial States. :proud:

    My father before me, Heinrich Adolf Francis Arnold (known as Heinrich the Powerful), was Sovereign Chancellor of the Sovereign Imperial States.

    His father before him, Ingelbert Adelheid Heinrich Arnold (known as Ingelbert the Magnificent), was Sovereign Chancellor of the Sovereign Imperial States.

    His father before him, Friedrich Erchanhardt Adelheid Heinrich Arnold (known as Friedrich the Valiant), was Sovereign Chancellor of the Sovereign Imperial States.

    His father before him, Nikolaus Hildehrand Wilhelm Francis Arnold (known as Nikolaus the Victorious), was Sovereign Chancellor of the Sovereign Imperial States.

    :proud: :proud: :proud: :proud: :proud: :proud: :proud: :proud: :proud:
    Academic Info
    Mathematics at The Oxford Elite School of Mathematics, Nordtvalla (2011 - 2015) :proud:

    Taken at the Central Imperial Elite School of Eton, Nordica, Nordicania (2006 - 2011) :proud:

    Mathematics - Triple Star
    Advanced Mathematics - Triple Star
    Quantum Mechanics - Triple Star
    Astronautical Engineering - Triple Star
    Physics - Triple Star
    Latin Language - Triple Star
    Latin Literature - Triple Star
    Greek Literature - Triple Star
    Finnish - Triple Star
    Faroese - Triple Star
    Biology - Triple Star
    Molecular Biology - Triple Star
    Economics - Triple Star
    Danish - Triple Star
    Chemistry - Triple Star
    Quantum Chemistry - Triple Star
    Theoretical Chemistry - Triple Star
    Theoretical Physics - Triple Star
    Advanced Physics - Triple Star
    Quantum Physics - Triple Star
    Hegemonic Masculinity Studies - Triple Star
    Neuroscience - Triple Star
    Computer Science - Triple Star
    Programming - Triple Star
    Imperial Studies - Triple Star
    Icelandic - Triple Star
    Dutch - Triple Star
    Swedish - Triple Star
    Norwegian - Triple Star
    Jamtlandic - Triple Star
    Elfdalian - Triple Star
    Old Norse - Triple Star
    Mandarin Chinese - Triple Star
    Cantonese - Triple Star
    Russian - Triple Star
    Latvian - Triple Star
    Estonian - Triple Star
    - Practising hegemonic masculinity. :proud:

    - Reading voraciously.

    - Studying excessively.

    - Calculating incessantly.

    - Writing incessantly.

    - Thinking. :moon:

    - Studying my Empire (i.e. staring up at the wonder that is space).

    - Pondering how 1+1 can equal 2.

    - Sitting in my Ivory Tower looking down at the populace.

    - Redefining the qualities of Nietzsche's Ubermensch.

    - Planning and conducting raids on the Fap-Away Clan.

    - Meticulously planning to take over this Solar System and add it to my Empire.

    - Preparing for 2025 AD (oh, you'll see...) :moon:

    - Basking in the glory, beauty and greatness of art music.

    - Enjoying constant natural highs.

    - Enjoying intellectual orgasms.

    - Travelling the world.

    - Polo

    - Cycling

    - Rowing

    - Riding

    - Swimming

    - Waterpolo

    - Rugby

    - Fencing

    - Throwing money at the populace as sport because I can. :cool:

    - Increasing my fame throughout TSR and wider World Wide Web.

    'To be or not to be, that is the question'

    I'll be, thanks very much :pierre:
    The James Webb Telescope launches in 2014/2015 - Religion beware.
    EDIT: Unfortunately, due to the gradual fall of the United States of America, the launch of this great telescope has now been put back to they year 2018 AD.

    The Sovereign Chancellor of the Sovereign Imperial States on 'Hegemonic Masculinity':

    Hegemonic Masculinity is the way for all great men today. In this day and age, the male has been feminised and weakened. Pleasures are unrestrained and self-control is constantly weakened. But the great man must be resolute, stand tall and mighty and conquer the world.

    He must be industrious, proud, intelligent, daring, bold, mighty and possess the highest mental fortitude. He must expand his horizons, expand his influence and take the world by force!

    Even today, I see more and more great men rising against the norm... :moon:

    Question Time Special:

    - Start of interview -

    So, your Excellency the Sovereign Chancellor of the Sovereign Imperial States; how big is your Empire?

    Good question. Thank you for asking. My Empire encompasses several galaxies, including what humans know as 'Andromeda' but also several galactic groups and clusters such as the M81 Group and the Centaurus A/M82 Group. In short, I own many of the galaxies within the Local Group that the Milky Way is in, but also several small galaxies and lone stars beyond.

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