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  1. You dp is so flipping bright, it's blinding.
  2. Hey, thanks for the rep! Have a great evening.
  3. Haha, I've always been lazy too. I'm dreading starting uni on Monday as I'll have to wake up earlier :getmecoat: LOL no pics of me when I was younger, not a pretty sight :lol:

    LOL what?!?! I know what you mean though, my friend once slapped a guy in a club after he grabbed her and he looked so pissed off. I had to grab her and escape :lol:

    Nah I'm an oldie took a gap year, I would have been nearly 19 when I started uni anyways :lol: Oooh nice. I'm not a fan of inception or shawshank redemption though :laugh: my favourites are Gone With The Wind, Oldboy and probably Kill Bill 1 ahh see I never really got into Naruto. I love DBZ obvs, Outlaw Star, Elfen Lied, Noir...more that I can't think of :lol:

    Loool why would they draw the syllables out? Are they really posh? :lol: yeah I prefer Eliza too, Elizabeth can sound too long and formal lol. Haha yeah my family aren't good with nicknames, my dad calls me Boo :blush: xoxox
  4. I know, I've been so lazy lately! Haha nah honestly I looked very different - friends are shocked when they see pics of me like...under 15. I was definitely an ugly duckling :lol:

    Yeah I know what you mean - I'm never rude or anything! I tend to be as polite as possible to strangers xD

    Nah, my degree is 4 years long! Scottish degrees are a year longer and I'm 20 in a month! Well, I'll be 23 when I finish my degree but nearing 24 Oooh really? What's your favourite film? See, I watch a lot of anime etc and those are three I've never really gotten into!

    Hahahaha indeed! Sounds tasty xD Oh really? Do you prefer your full name to nicknames then? I always get a little startled when someone close to me calls me Elizabeth haha. My family have a thing for shortening names, and when they can't shorten it they change it completely, one of my brothers names is Joe but often we'll call him John. I'm not even sure why. :lol:
  5. hahaha i dunno, just sounded like a good thing to say

    haha i have to move in tomorrow, and everything is just a pile on my bed which i am lying on top of.

    i guess us creative types are more lazier than other
  6. banoffee pie is the answer to everything!
    i'm alright thank you, im supposed to be packing for uni but i'm procrastinating. how are you?
  7. damn, i guess im uncool then

    oh well, i have banoffee pie which is mending my broken heart
  8. well its double the amount of cool you are buddy :teehee::teehee:
  9. sheeeeit sorry for mega late reply. if you're a level five on the cool-o-meter that makes me a ten :sexface:
  10. Super late response I'm sorry! I've been busy as a mofo D: Looool no honestly I looked like a dude xD Even friends comment how I look like a completely different person now xD Haha.

    Haha! I don't even do that, I just get off, they're hardly going to get offended I'm not bothered if they get offended anyway, it's an empty train! Don't sit near me and I won't offend you :getmecoat:

    Haha how do you feel old?! You're young! I won't be done with uni till I'm 24 Haha true, I just didn't want the extra work philosophy would have involved At least I know a bit about film! And any DBZ reference is good with me

    Oh you :fan: It is amazing, you have to try it sometime :drool:

    Indeed they do! Haha Liz is alright too, my family all call me Liz or Lizzy, I suppose Eliza does take longer to say xoxox

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    I'm just your average stressed student. I have the determination to get to where I want, no matter how long it takes me. I've learned first hand that in life, there are going to be many obstacles, but that's what keeps you on your feet, and the goals and dreams you have if they're worth getting, are going to need to be worked for.
    Academic Info

    AS levels: AAAB

    A-levels: AAAa

    UCAS 2012 [sent on 12th October 2011]

    [V500] Philosophy:

    2012 Butler College - Durham University.

    Tennis, swimming, reading, video games , going to the gym, hanging out, watching Anime, reading Manga, debates. xD

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