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  1. Good! I'm glad you enjoyed it
  2. HEY HEY HEY. Love that you were last on TSR an hour ago...
  3. Good ****. Good to know there's work about, too.

    Where is it you're staying at the minute? Halls wise, that is. Assuming you're in halls.

    As for an online portfolio - no. I'd never even considered it, nor thought its relevance to me at the minute. Would you recommend I get one on LinkedIn or something?

    Feel free to continue this conversation on Facebook where it's slightly more convenient.
  4. Top notch.

    I'm not doing too badly at all. Trying to catch up with schoolwork at the minute but it should be alright.

    I've been interested in games ever since I was about 13. Fairly intense gamer for a couple years - much to my social detriment at the time - and it got me thinking about the workings behind it as time went on. I've always been a sucker for incredible graphics - or somewhat original ones (Borderlands and such) - and so I got more interested in this area of the industry. I studied it briefly in 3rd / 4th year but it wasn't really until Higher that I really knew that was what I wanted. I'd been drawing ever since I was young but my art really started to take shape and I was growing happier and happier with it. I did a bit more research into the life and work of a video game artist and / or animator and it's definitely what I want to do. Not wavering here, like. I'm also open to other ideas RE: careers involving digital art and I feel that doing a course such as the one offered at Abertay will set me in good stead for making a solid decision.
    Christ, that felt long-winded.

    How about the student life? Many things to get involved in relating to my studies? Frats etc.

    Feel free to add me on Facebook, by the way.
  5. Here, by the way, I'm not even sure I'm doing the comments thing here correctly. I had expected it to appear underneath yours, as would make sense, but it doesn't look like that's gonna happen.

    Don't scream at me, I'm new here. Sorry, eh.
  6. Ah thanks, like.
    I guess I should start with the pleasantries of standard conversation;
    How are ya? How's life? How's the weather? What made you choose CA at [F]Abertay?
    Aye. Let's get the fundamentals into discussion.

    Cheers for givin' me a buzz, too. I appreciate it.
  7. I want to know what kind of portfolio GSA wants. I mean only photographs not drawings right.
  8. A in Advanced Higher Chinese, Mandarin? How da hell? I'm doing Advanced Higher Spanish having done Int 2 and Higher, and the reading and listening are damn difficult. How on earth did you crash Advanced, and then manage to get an A? In Mandarin no less!?!?!

    Tell, tell, tell!
  9. hey caiitlinz, cheers for the message! Haha, I hope so too! I remember you had some amazing stuff in your portfolio last year, and it paid off as I can see
  10. You almost put me off visiting Scotland for ever - do you not want us foreigners cluttering the place up!

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