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  1. I'll just hope for the best in september and hopefully it won't be too long before we know our way around Glasgow I was in work when I found out and was ecstatic but no one else understood lol. Yea it's flew by I can't believe I only have a few weeks left :O Haha, what age is your sister? (you better not as like 12 lol). They're going to take advantage of us newbies lol.. No, we got the bus down to newey last summer and were suppose to go to bank but didn't get in cause the doors were closed so we went to B.E.D it was class! Aw tell me about it, I was out last night after being dying with the flu all day and then had to work to 9 but nothing a little alcohol wouldn't cure lol. Ended up at my friends house party.. Madness! I need to get used to mad nights out over summer to prepare myself for freshers lol.
  2. Haha, it really is Damn, I went on last night for like 2 hours looking at all the different accom and now I'm totally confused I really want a room with en suite now haha, you've scared me. :P Yea, I would have liked to go over and visit but I didnt complain about not having to travel and fork out the money Ohh yea I was bad enough with nerves before the Glasgow interview I'm glad it was my only one and I'm extremely lucky to get an offer cause I honestly didn't think it had went that well But when I found out I got my offer it was literally the best day of my life (to date) lol. Did you get any other offers? I know, although I still can't believe it is my last year in school, so weird. I still feel like I should be in first year again lol and I definitely look like I should at 4 foot 11 hahaha! I'm actually quite scared for freshers and what they're going to do to us lol but really excited too
  3. I still can't get over that we were at the same interview and both going to Glasgow! lol. Aw, the en suite is so tempting but what's the worst that could happen sharing a bathroom with 5 other people? lol. I really want to go over and see it before I go, I was surprised that our interviews weren't over there but I guess it was handier for us Yea, it's hitting me now I really need to get into a good routine and study hard, wouldn't want to mess it up now plus, we wouldn't get to meet again haha. Lucky you, you can just sit and relax all your hard work has already paid off! Do you know anything about freshers week? (bit optimistic I know!) P.s add me on facebook
  4. I know I remember you saying that you talked about cycling most of the time then I saw your profile pic so at least we've already met before is wolfson catered? Ahh I'm so indecisive I think I'll go for Murano as my first, as long as there are first years and good craic I think I'll be happy enough Aw I'm doing my Alevels so stressed out already. What about yourself?
  5. OMG! Right this is going to sound soooooo weird but do you remember after your interview in Belfast there was a girl waiting to go in after you?? yea well that was me :O haha what are the chances?!! I'm so happy I've finally got someone to talk to I've only briefly looked at accommodation so I'm still unsure I heard Murano is where a lot of 1st years go.. I know I'll meet people wherever I go but its so hard to choose I will hopefully have it sorted by the end of the week.
  6. Hiya! I see that you're going to Glasgow in September. I firmed Glasgow as well the other day. I don't know anyone I see you're from Northern Ireland too I'm so excited but kind of scared at the same time. Where have you choosen for accommodation?
  7. Hey! Sorry i'm being a bit stalkerish but I saw you had an unconditional for glasgow on the vet med stalking thread and was wondering if you had accepted it as I just accepted my offer at Glas today!
  8. It's been forever since I've written back! I'm sorry... Last week was Spirit Week at school and man was it crazy!
    hahaha! Love is a good way to end a sentence. You're right. Maybe I'll bring it to America!
    I love it when there are too many good bands.
    Haha well all of that sounds like a good time too though!
    hahahaha! They totally will. I have not a single doubt in my mind about that! Pigs are just so crazy. And those wild boars! They already kill and eat people and deer and stuff so... It's not too long before they're all wild!
    I bet it's funny though to watch a person get carried away in a bike race.
    Goodness! That is quite fast indeed! I would be so afraid I'd fall and die... I would have to cover myself up with bubble wrap! I bet it would be tough to keep that up.
    Haha because they're so bad for you and they use so much salt in the food?
    Ahahahaha! That's funny. I think music with banjos is funny.
    I'll have to go cycle up there one day then.
    Yes! That sounds absolutely perfect! But it seems like every vet I know has a boring white or tan vet truck. I think I'd want a yellow one.
    It is pretty nice! I love my truck, the gas mileage is just rubbish though!
    I would love to watch penguins waddle around all day long. I really like sloths too! I think they would be a fun rescue as well.
    Haha brilliant plan! I'll go find some penguins and steal the llama back.
  9. Me too! I think being a vet in Africa would be pretty sweet! hahahaha I never thought about it as a bath, what an innovative way to see things. Hmm... I've never actually heard anyone from Europe say "love" I just thought that was a stereotype.
    hahahahahahahahaha! That song made me laugh. A lot!! They are funny, but I could see how it could pump you up quite well.
    But what about at night? You can't run or ride safely when it's pitch black out! Or in school? That's why I had to read it. But I do like to read other books. Aww!!!! Donkeys are adorable! Hmm... I like miniature pigs.
    Well, they would have to be ill I believe.
    Yay! And then you could give me an in with work experience!
    Oh, I love breakfast for dinner very much! Even more than for breakfast.
    Good! Except... Maybe try it before would you? I don't want you to get a cramp then not go that fast! :/ How fast can you ride one mile?
    Oh, those are okay fast food places... But there are much better ones! Does Ireland have native fast food restaurants?
    Well that's good! I bet he's fun to ride with then!
    There is a song about Galway. But I would love to be on the coast! All the pictures look stunning!
    That sounds like a perfect time!
    But then how would you distinguish a jeep from a truck? haha Only people from the deep South call trucks pick-ups here....
    Ooo!! Those are very nice! It would make a good vet truck I bet too!
    Oh yes, my friends... They're absolute peaches. Insurance cheap cars are very nice. I have a green dodge dakota. And I have christened him "Trucky."
    Well that's good!
    Me too! I love them. I think it's illegal to buy penguins though.... You could open a rehab center though and get them through that I bet!
    hahaha except when they spit at you.... Once I found a llama, so I wrangled him and brought him home and put him in my pasture. My horses did not like him one bit!
  10. First of all congratulations on your offer! I read your last post and decided to let you know that I emailed residential services. So apparently, if one's priority is to get a single room, one should put Murano first This is just fyi in case you are wondering Cheers!

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