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  1. bala123
    ok thank you for the help
  2. If you need any help with individual sections, give me a shout, and remember, the maths in the real exam is easier than the 600 questions book. (I was getting about 640 in the book, then got 900 in the real test for maths!). I would say AR is easier, but it's difficult to quantify that when you're looking at pages of hallucinogenic shapes.
  3. Hey, ok, so UKCAT help, errr...
    I used the 600 questions book, the online official practice test, and I went on a Kaplan course, which helped a bit with time management (common sense, i'll tell you how), but mostly it gave me a lot of practice tests (i think I left the course with 4 full test papers).
    The key to time management is that all the questions are worth the same. Because of this, my advised method would be to work out the easy questions, then guess and "flag" the hard questions. Once you get to the end of the section, you can return to the flagged questions.
    Often you can eliminate 2/4 of the answers with common sense. If it's AR and all the shapes are white, you can just eliminate one choice, and have a more accurate guess.
    If you have time spare (not likely), then please, check the easy questions as well as the hard ones, if you get stuck, cut your losses and guess, then move on.

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