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  1. ano im soo ashamed, im sorry? :sad:

    lol ok fair enough, as long as im the special-ist :lol:
    :O what just what if the rats eat me? omdz wont yu protect me?
    i dont have a shotgun nomore, sadly, mum took it off me :sad:

    i find that hard to believe, cuz its not like u'v known me ages
    yep dont change :cute: EVER

    il watch it if yu watch it with me?
    errrm ok ur strong, strong like my lil brother is

    lol really? serious? will they be that mad? :/
    im sure u'l get like A'z

    i doo! i had to take a nap cuz i couldnt sleep the night before
    its not my fault lol
    Nope she hasnt, wonder why eh?
    yeh i hope soo, just sometimes i can be a lil insecure init? ur fault lol

    im doin chem, mock tomoz arrrghh i hate life

    lmaaao that song was jokes actually!!!
    fyi uv sent me far worse uno lol

    and no im not listening to it until yu say the boing song was amazing

  2. Naah, we'd have finished them...we know all their tricks after losing in '07
  3. :lolwut: just seen ur other reply missed it even tho it was loooong lol

    actually i dont think its unfair yu cant love everyone right? exactly :cute:

    omdz yu guna leave me in the shed with like........ermm the spiders? :O

    answer it :spank:
    lool i think ur problems are why i even like you :lolwut: ha

    dont talk to me about cricket

    ur too weak i dont think ur ready for all this sport and spec gym :lol:

    thats next week tho
    why do i need to stress now? :O
    r yu stressed? lol
    how many exams did yu sit?
    yu gots to tell me what yu get kay?
  4. :gasp:

    Where you been? :hmmm:

    omddddzzz boiiing :crazy:

    this is epiiiiiic :lol:
  6. lolll step aside Eoin Morgan :teehee:

    100 off 50 balls :lolwut:
  7. yu know what?
    iv had semi insomnia for like the past few days
    its fooked up my head
    like really lol

    yep ofc yu doo il let her know dw
    i told/asked her that yu two stopped posting cuz u'v beeen on ur honeymoon :lol:
    how was it?

    yeh ano i am....duh

    omdz i cba i just cba with anything
  8. Ahahaha what a match! O'Brien killed them! :rofl2: Legend xD
  9. knock knock
    nash just told me on msn to tell yu that she misses you

    obvz being as nice as i am, iv just passed on the msg :cute:
  10. but yu said yu came on just for me? haa seee lies lies lies :lol:
    kids r soo dumb
    nah not really, hardly anyone tbh
    come say ello, uzzy will be happy to seee yu

    lool fair enough, i dont think soo far ahead
    ooo can i? :P, ur famz just guna kick me out lol

    omdz hi5 on that, ama be teaching myself later aswell tonight ha
    which bits? just cuz im nosy like that

    answer it then ha

    lmaao i swear yu have issues but i love em xD

    yes plz teach me :/ lol
    yu always make me happy tbh :love:

    chilout with the gym man, like jeez ur only 17 lol
    sound stressed about what? im a pose to stressing? :ninja:

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