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  1. Superior?! Don't make me laugh. You are insignificant.

    LOL okay, you be proud about all your bad traits, not like you've got any good ones to shout about
    Yeah, lol you can't talk about me watching shows just because the people are fit. Though that is part of the reason, seriously just google it, the girls are so pretty and the guys :coma: Haha thinking about it, all the shows I watch have beautiful people, apart from Eastenders :ninja: haha

    Why don't I deserve your manners? Manhoose. :lol:
  2. Mate, don't talk to me as if I'm some sort of zoo animal :haughty:

    Being annoying is nothing to be proud about, I can be annoying but you don't see me smiling about it, that would be incredibly stupid :mmm:
    Don't ever diss the shows I watch, never goes down well! Only I can diss them. OTH is a bit **** now, ngl, but it used to be the bestest thing everrr, I'm not even exaggerating. Plus it has a beautiful cast so I'm sure you could appreciate that haha

    Stop calling me a waste and a fail :puppyeyes: You have no manners.
  3. I know ure re-sitting AS, I meant which module? Unless ure board does it differently, ofcourse. It's just that we do OCR and I'm pretty sure enthalpy change and Hess cycle etc is in the first AS module.

    I'm taking a break atm. I just ate, and now I think I'll roll my sister in a duvet and push her off the bed :p:

    Zurg? I don't know who that is, but I don't really mind being him because he has a cool name. Oh yeah :cool:

    And w/e minger. You need to stop self inflating that head of yours. It's getting dangerously big :p:
    Oh I see about the rep. You need to rep other people before giving me another one. It's a dumb rule tbh, esp for well people that are very deserving of reps (i.e. ME )
    Gerrof TSR and do some revision, you fool *passes him a tissue* x x
  4. :puppyeyes: I don't like you. Or circuses, they're kinda creepy. I would go fully insane there, and it would be your fault.

    No, I didn't like the caps, you are purposely annoying! :cute: LOL I told you I'm a genius, there's nothing sad about knowing all the answers, I can't help it Shut up, I told you not to diss me and OTH. I don't even know why it's so sad. Trust me, it would make you cry too haha.

    I can learn at med school, don't need to know just yet :angel:

    That was a poor, exaggerated comparison. You fail.
  5. Do you know what goes on in my head? No. So you can't tel me whether or not you give me headache!
    One day you'll hear about me and think 'ohellno, she was a genius after all!' :tongue:

    LOL, i know all the answers on the weakest link haha. I'm a total loser, one tree hill is the most emotional show ever. Don't judge me

    Your lack of willpower shouldn't be blamed on me :rolleyes: I'm not peer pressuring you into drugs, I'm a good girl, I don't even know what drugs are :cute:

    Damn, where am I at now? :puppyeyes:
  6. LMAO, meanie bobeenie? Ahahaha, I like
    W/e, ure not nice at all tbh. You should just be glad my goodness has brushed off via these messages :p: Teehee. I think I deserve a rep tbh :rolleyes:
    Gosh. TSR is such a fitna. I'm boycotting it now (We'll see how long that lasts!)
    And aah, I see ure re-sitting the first module? I'm resitting the second, as I did equally as atrocious in both, I can pick up more marks.
    Have u heard Shayne Ward - No promises? Its pretty cute, though I know its not ure type of music.
    Later, Mr Potato head x x
  7. Lol ure right *hangs head in shame*
    Ahaha, but woow, u do have loadsa exams this week! I only have that Chemistry re-sit and its stressing me out :p:
    Annywayyy.. Good luck batata. And make the most of it - you won't catch me being this nice to you again! x
  8. I'm only insane because you give me such a headache!
    Haha, sounds lame, but I think I cried abit when I was watching on of my TV shows, one of them always gets me :redface: lool

    Whatever, sarcasm, humour, whatever it is, you still laugh, don't lieee. I crack you up.

    ah well, as long as I get close :rolleyes:
  9. Well I certainly wouldn't cry because of you! I didn't actually say that I NEVER cry, that would be insane lool. Aw, what do you cry about? Times must get tough when you cry.

    I am funny, you don't give me a chance :puppyeyes: lool nah it's probably just because i was practically insulting myself right? :rolleyes:

    Maybe. I'm just trying to be as good as you :rolleyes: lool
  10. Well what? Why would you assume that I'd cry, I'm too cool for that haha

    Yeah, it is my real name, unfortunate story about my parent's first reaction towards me LOL

    Yeah, alright don't aww at me too much, don't get happy either, it was a joke, and a very good one at that :mmm:

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