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  1. Ahh sorry, was doing so much cutting and mounting yesterday I missed your message! I think I'm ready, I haven't got that many sheets though, in comparison to the girls at my school who were applying last year anyway But I've gotten an offer from Loughborough so I'd be really happy to go there if the CSM Review is a flop! Best of luck
  2. Oh thank you!

    I need to be there at 9:15am. And I'm not sure, this could be a complete rumour but I've heard that when you go to your room you get time to like unzip your portfolio and sort things out a bit so you'd probably catch a glimpse of other people's! But I doubt we'd be having a full exhibition
  3. justreadthebooks
    oh wow an a2 sketchbook! that is something!!! haha no you'll be relieved; at the csm foundation open day they said "any size or weight as long as you can carry it" :L
    awesome! what time are you getting there? i think i have to be there at 1pm. do we get to see other people's work?!
  4. Oh good good, I'm using an A1 size case though, because both of my sketchbooks are A2 and I couldn't actually zip up my A2 case! Do you think there is a weight restriction?

    And same! I think I'm in group H though
  5. justreadthebooks
    omg SO relieved i won't be the only one using an a2 portfolio! i was worried i'd be laughed at! im the work would look stupid on a1! most of it's just little prints and etchings!
    i've applied for diagnostic too!! ahh so excited!

    when's your interview at csm?! mine's the 1st feb...and im in group k!

  6. Hey! I'm so excited to, but soo nervouss. I'm worried incase my portfolio is abit samey, I'm trying to think of a few things which are a bit more unique though (I don't have an online portfolio as of yet). I've applied to CSM as top choice, then De Montfort (interview this wednesday!), Loughborough and Manchester Met (unordered as I'd go to any of them!)

    Oh and I'm definitely using size A2 aswell! My work would look quite pathetic on such a large page :P and I've applied for diagnostic, how about you?

    Just looked at your portfolio, your work is incredible o.o makes me even more nervous, I'm probably not up to CSM standard, but worth a try
  7. justreadthebooks
    oh mannn degrees!! good luck!

    yeh im just going foundation, mainly because i don't think im good enough for a degree yet, i don't know what area of art/design i want to focus on and because i'm genuinly excited about trying all the wacky random stuff on foundation...try all the "types" of art out are you going for fine art BA?

    well so far i've just started my flickr account for kingston. you can take a peek if you like, i'd appreciate a critique haha (btw it's really "in the making" :L)

    i haven't started my folder portfolio. I was worrying cause i don't know what size to make it. I was going to just do a2 (i have quite i lot of smaller etchings and prints) but some on here have said a1 is "expected" from us? i don't know!!! what size are you going for? do you reckon the tutors will actually mind? none of their portfolio advice pages specify anything!

  8. Thats true, well i hope your right! Either way i will let you know the result haha... Well im applying to 5 degrees and 2 foundations...I heard you struggle getting onto a degree without a foundation so just gonna cross my fingers (:

    Foundations: Man Met & St Martins
    Degrees: Edinburgh, Salford, Blackpool, Leeds (SNAP!) Falmouth (I havent got a clue why i choose such hard universities to get into)

    Are you applying for just foundations? Hows your portfolios getting on (:
  9. Hey (: Yeah I've just seen your post. I've yet to recieve an interview however the person above you has got an interview on the same day. I'm guessing mine is bad news unfortunately haha. When did you apply?

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