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  1. Thanks!
  2. Hi. You seem to be well learned in (biological) anthropology, which is a subject I'd like to learn more about. Do you have any suggestions as to where I should start?

    Do you like economics? Maybe you'll enjoy this. A cynics guide to university and the Western economy.
  4. Just wanted to let you know that I've archived that post of yours on the racism thread and will probably use it as a link to at some point in the future. You can tell it'sa truly debate shattering post when nobody dares respond to it
  5. I'm not surprised; white nationalists are very easy to identify. Thanks for the heads up.
  6. Don't you have an opinion on this ?
    Look at all those generalisations !
  7. My favourite thing about you is every time you say something I might vaguely disagree with (which is quite rare) I see your username and picture and I just go... Why am I mad tho? And then I lol and move on.
  8. "There are no democratic arab nations"

    Feel free to disprove this statement with FACTS instead of relying on the simplistic observation that groups of people aren't always homogenous.
  9. It's no surprise that racism is pertinent to your position.

    "This is the nature of the Arab."

    Sounds like something I would find in the journal of a 17th century colonialist.
    I think you need to get real. We're about to drop 1000 cruise missles on Syria because it seems Assad can't stop gassing his own people and you want to tell me about the wacism of Western commentators.

    I suppose facts are racist are they when they contract you're liberal-left worldview? There's absolutely no academic merit in such a position.
  10. This is a pertinent quote from my blogger friend the British Nationalist that I thought you might like :

    Arabs are in fact completely incompatible with democracy. There are no democratic Arabs nations. This is not a criticism of Arabs though, they are as they are, but democracy is a European invention and does not work for Arabs. Time and time again we see that Arabs can only live peacefully under a "strong man". When Saddam Hussein was removed from Iraq the country did not embrace a democratic future - it turned to self-destruction. The same happens to any Arab nation which has its strong leader removed. We should not bemoan the lack of democracy in an Arab nation - their options are only tyranny or chaos. Tyranny is the better choice. This is the nature of the Arab. Remember that Islam teaches that man-made law is forbidden, only God can give law to man. And Islam is not the word of God - it is an Arab-made religion; made by them, to suit them. Its tenets are not alien to them - they are exactly what the Arabs want.


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