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  1. Hi,

    Just wondering, if you re-take a GCSE taken in 2013, after certification, will the date on the re-sit be on the certificate then?

    Say I was improving an A to an A*, the A received in June '13 and the A* in June '14.

    What will the date be?

    What exactly are the new rules regarding resits post GCSE June 13?
  2. I am in year 11 and have taken the exams BL1HP , CH1HP and PH1HP in JUNE 2012 while I was in year ten . In the June 2013 series I am taking BL2HP, BL3HP, CH2HP, CH3HP, PH2HP ,PH3HP. All of the units BL4P, CH4P and PH4P are also being submitted in June 2013. I decided to re-sit the units BL1HP, CH1HP and PH1HP in the June 2013 series. So my question is will the best mark for the re-sits be used in order to calculate my final grade.Please reply ASAP Thank You (each unit is 25%)
  3. Hiya,

    I was just wondering that if I have a look at my original script would that mean I will not be able to get a remark? Are you supposed to get a remark first and then ask for your script?

  4. my dear how are you doing, you can reach me here with my id here ok nice to hear from you soon thanks,
  5. hey there
    yeah thanks for ur reply
    ps happy new year too !!!!

    but i just wanna ask since i did the ongoing on for aqa eng gcse
    how doing it work if i wanna do the retake this summer
  6. Hey Data,

    I'm looking for an exam centre to sit an A Level unit as a private candidate, I saw in a post you said you'd found somewhere good. Could you PM me the name? I'd be hugely appreciative!

  7. hello
    and thanks for helping out
    basically my ******* is
    that i got a C for my english language paper and got an A for english litt
    i did AQA exam board

    i was 5 ums away from a B
    and i want to do a medical career
    so i wanna get at least an B for my english

    do u think i have any chance of getting a B for my English lang paper through remark?

    thanks to help out !!

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