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  1. Do you know the best place you can get a drawing board, and what size is the best?
  2. Do you know the best place you can get a drawing board, and what size is the best?
  3. squiddly
    Yes we hand drew everything in first year, I have a drawing board just not touched it this year! There are units that do mainly hand drawing, as I said personal choice as to what group you go into. I can't comment first hand on the first years work as I haven't seen any but someone I know who is re-taking said that the work isn't up to the standard of last year, looks like lots of people will be failing again!
  4. Ok cool, ill take a look at the OMA exhibition.
    So you are not expected to buy a drawing board in year 1?
    I heard current first years have been mainly just drawing this year, and the standard has been quite poor, is that true?
  5. squiddly
    Yes the Rasmussen book. There are a lot of gallery / exhibitions visits all round. Suggest you go the OMA at the barbican as only on till January and well worth while. The standard is still very mixed, but in my group this year I've not touched a drawing board thus the reason for the group you see yourself entering. Most people got first choice so a big decision. For the record I'm in unit 04, lots of 3D models, models in general
  6. Is that 'Experiencing architecture' by Rasmussen?
    Yes I am into all the ' arty' sort of side. Im guessing there is lots of gallery visits in first year.

    Is the drawing up to a high level there, for example I got an A in art a level, do you think I would find it hard?
    Also thank you so much for all the help and time, you probably are tied down with 2nd year.
  7. Im doing an architectural design course which a university of greenwich programme but it is taught at a partner college. Basically I am still a greenwich student (have an id card) and can go there whenever.

    It consists of:
    Assessment and Management of Risk
    Building Law and Contract
    Administration Construction Technology and
    Environmental Design
    Construction Technology
    and Materials
    Management Principles
    Project Evaluation and Design

    You can look on the uni website. Im finding it quite easy so im studying as much info covered in architecture first year in my spare time.
    What extent does the uni go into the history of architecture? Ive been looking at 'modern architecture' by william jr curtis and sir banister fletchers history. Is that the right books to read - Do you learn about Viollet le duc for example?
  8. ok will do.
    By the way are there any textbooks you need to buy in the first year?
  9. Do you know what current first years are doing for the design module?
  10. ok cool, i know on the website it just says how many credits each one are worth.

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