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  1. so underrated, you see the best prime minister threads and he hardly gets a mention...
  2. most certainly was
  3. Ha. That's pretty awesome man. Blah, better get back to this revision...
  4. Damn. I'm clearly very bad at this new-fangled google searching stuff!
  5. Kindly show me the contradiction. I just showed the contradiction stems from your misunderstanding.
    You are also answering a question about PHYSICS (which was placed in the philosophy sub forum, probably because OP does not know the difference between both fields) using METAPHYSICS? And you sound quite convinced (I was going to put here an allegory but I will refrain myself).
    Neg rep comes from having an independent mind, critical thinking and refusal to abide by group norms. I am different. And neg rep does only show the differences of my ideas and those that neg repped me. Another mistake of yours.
  6. Ha. Indeed, took me a bloody long time to find that picture too!
  7. Sweet! Thanks
  8. Yes I just found it. Thanks for the analysis, and yes I need work! I was wondering if you can send me an essay of yours (graded) so I can compare. Thanks once again.
  9. I put my essay up on my thread, have a look
  10. Thanks for the reply, firstly. Well, I've never done history at GCSE, I picked it at A-level. I am struggling with writing my essays. I am a great literature student, however, find it difficult to write an essay for history simply because I don't know how to analyse-or shall I say I haven't been told how to properly. I have a recent essay (not marked, yet) so would you care to have a read and tell me what I need to actually do? The last two essays I have done, I received C. I really want an A, it's just a matter of being told the tricks. So please let me know what I'm expected to do, in order to receive an A-thanks. Don't forget to let me know whether you would want to have a read of my essay.

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    Just another bored A-level student. Unless I bugger up my exams, I'll be doing PPE at Oxford next year. Like nerdy, cerebral crap like reading philosophy, creative writing, and weather statistics.

    Mainly post in the debate/current affairs section here, where I'm a dismal, crusty old tory who thinks everything's being going downhill since 1832. Keen on Hume and Burke, less keen on anyone who claims to actualy understand anything.

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