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  1. I Persia I
    (Original post by Jacktri)

    - If women were equal how did they manage to let men take over Iran? The number of women in positions of power world wide are less than half, therefore the Iranian regime is being very flattering by saying they are worth half of a man.
    Let men take over Iran? What the **** is this? The Islamic takeover of Iran was a counter-revolution to the Iranian Revolution which was meant to be a democracy. The mullahs seized power and crushed dissent. I see no women allowing 'men to take over Iran'. Why does the president have less power than the Supreme Leader? Why is the Supreme Leader unelected, why is the Guardian Council unelected? Doesn't seem democratic to me.

    - If being gay is against the law and you break it you deserve the consequences. There are unjust laws all over the place for example anti piracy law are unjust yet they exist. Negative tax rates for some corporations such as General Electric in the US is unjust but it still happens.
    How the **** is someone supposed to renounce their sexuality. If I told you I'm going to execute you for being heterosexual what would your response be? What would your response be if we passed a law saying all non-gays should be executed? Why the **** are you comparing executions to tax rates and piracy laws. Piracy laws aren't unjust because dickheads like you cba to pay £1 for a song.

    - I agree with this if you believe in God you should have less rights than atheists. Although Iran still gives Muslims rights etc they are going in the right direction by denying religious people rights the next step is every religion.
    The contradiction in that post is overwhelming. Read that again and tell me you don't have Asperger syndrome.
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    Oh dear, an ineffective troll is about to be banned.
  4. hey dude, do you want me to gift you credits so you can subscribe and go in the back room and in the shout box? PM me if you're interested. Be quick though as 2 other people have been asked at random. Peace.
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  6. LOL I click on your profile and find 'Did you really ask if rape should be legalised? What-the-hell.' Confirmed retard/troll.
  7. send ur message agn please, couldnt find wot u posted me
  8. Did you really ask if rape should be legalised? What-the-hell.
  9. you're a bad person

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