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  1. You really do. You're worse than me which is bad, and you should feel bad. I'll do my best.
  2. You could think of something too, you know i have a bad imagination But okay i will try. :sexface:
  3. I miss beating you, it's usually worth it :ahee:
  4. I'm not, I'm actually offline. You miss me?
  5. hello, i was wondering if you could help me through any means with my QR in UKCAT? if its not too much to ask please
  6. It was just subtitles for that gif

    also *choke* and *bleugh*
  7. *gag* *gag* *gag*
  8. Haha, well it's a funny gif anyway isnt it? She's cute
  9. Haha damn I wish she'd seen it, you would've been mad at me :teehee:

    Guess you'll never go on tsr again with your family next to you

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  • About Quackers93

    Quackers :hat:
    Where I study
    Gap yah :awesome:
    Nursery assistant
    Star Sign
    About me
    Bloggy bloggy blog blog! Some seriously cheery reading in there so beware
    Academic Info
    A-levels: AAAa*abc
    AAA - Maths, Biology and Chemistry

    a* - Extended Project
    a - Physics
    b - Science in Society
    c - Critical Thinking :facepalm:

    GCSE's: 7A* 2A 1B
    The Story of a Wanna-be Medic :awesome:
    I'm off to St Andrews in September! ahhhhhhhh! :eek:

    Medicine 2012
    St Andrews - Interview 23/11/11 UNCONDITIONALLLLLL!!! FIRM
    Glasgow - Interview 17/01/12 Unconditional!!!!
    Cardiff - Interview 01/02/12 Rejected/Waiting list
    Manchester - Interview 26/01/12 Unconditional!

    UKCAT blah
    Total = 2860
    Average= 715
    VR = 640
    QR = 640
    AR = 860 :eek:
    DA = 720

    Medicine 2011

    Aberdeen - rejected
    Dundee - rejected
    Edinbrugh - rejected
    St Andrews - interview! - rejected
    UKCAt average = 632.5

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