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  1. I sent you a private message
  2. Hey, congrats on the offer first, also I hope I didn't insult you there Do you have like Skype or something?
  3. well Glasgow is an amazing uni - plus it looks like hogwarts! its an amazing place to get an offer from
    good luck with everthing!
  4. wow well done! sorry for strath though - seems weird you got unconditionals to everywhere else apart from there!
    Well unfortunately i got rejected from Glasgow haha, but Strath was my top choice any way so im firming strath and since its an unconditional, thatll be where im going haha!
    take it you will be firming Glasgow?
  5. Hey! Firming Glasgow as well? Have u been to the open day?
  6. ah im so happy! xD
    oh so you don't apply through UCAS?
    i hope you get an offer - would be good to get to know someone doing the same course as me beforehand!
    i don't know anyone else who has an offer from there at my school, so they must only be starting to give them out now, waiting game for everyone!
    good luck!!
  7. hey! guess what? i got a unconditional to strathclyde! AH!
    you heard from any unis yet?
  8. oh hi well i'm changing to HW to St Andrews now but aw thats cool! great uni choice!

    what are ya applying for ?
  9. :cry2:
  10. Se oti afora ta panepistimia pou dialexes kserw oti ta 2 prwta einai polu kala, alla kai ths glaskwvis einai exairetiko! Eixa kanei ki egw aithsh se auto kai me dextikan, alla gia pliroforiki to Manchester einai polu kalo episis kai gia kapoio logo thelw nte kai kala na paw Agglia, parolo pou kserw oti sth Skwtia einai pio omorfa.

    Sou euxomai na sou pane ola opws ta thes! Ta leme!

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