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  1. Wow, that is creepy! Are You Sam D then?

    I'm worried too, and even more worried about dissertation! Eep. It's worth 3 modules' worth, basically a whole semester on its own, so I want everything else to be as good as possible to make up for anything going wrong in dissertation but these modules were hardest yet :/

    Thank you, it was good

    Going to be working as a 'Financial Systems Analyst' whatever that means! XD
    I'll be working full-time too, I hear ya!
  2. Ha, it is! Scary small world....

    This is the worst semester I've ever had. Workload was terrible, grades slipping, just, urgh. I echo you; so, so, so, so glad it's over. Same with exams, they should be on Portal 9th or 10th apparently. (For my subject anyway).

    Summer!!!!! Got married, and have an internship in Florida so been hemorrhaging money for clothes and visa appointment etc. What you up to?
  3. Hey, how were exams?

  4. Is it wrong that I feel smug it wasn't me this time?

    She does Computing Science too. I want to say her tutor is called Gary? He seems to expect a LOT of work.

    Thank you I'm dreading my classes so far, I have a huge, huge workload and feeling really unmotivated. Don't know what's wrong with me. First test is on Monday How is your stuff doing for deadlines?

    I've escaped them too, but going out to cinema with friend tomorrow, who says they're ill - so :/ x
  5. I know, it wasn't me that forgot for once!

    One of my friends is doing Education, she was saying it's an absolute nightmare. And she's always ridiculously busy.

    I'm good, but 3rd year is soooo stressful. I have too much on my plate :ashamed2: Getting married in May so trying to organise all that, got an internship in US this summer so having to do visa and book flights etc which they want done on a very tight deadline! STILL working on internship from last summer, looking to get a paper published, started going to gym 3 times a week, and then all normal uni stuff on top! Eep
    And of course classes are getting harder. How you enjoying yours?

    Boo to flu! I'm not ill yet, but fingers crossed I stay that way! Hope you get better soon x
  6. Hello you! Long time no speak indeed! I am very good, so busy now uni is back. How you getting on? What you been up to?
  7. Hey

    How you doing? Happy with results? How's the summer going so far?

    Graduation today and it's pouring down, wee shame :/
  8. I'm not sure I'll be fine, really really need to stop procrastinating! And I know, 3rd year is going to make us sick with the workload. Worried! Thanks

    Way easier said that done :/ Lecturer emailed my yesterday to say the assignment would be back 'shortly' - still not back. We obviously have a very different idea of shortly.

    Your summer sounds like bliss. What concert you going to?
    I have signed up for a few summer internship things, so I will be: 1) Working :unimpressed: 2) Doing summer research project with CompSci Dept 3) Doing a one-week, all expenses paid internship in London with The Search Engine!

    I'm gonna run out of steam this summer :woo:
  9. Yeah, mine are 25th, 27th and 29th, so bang bang bang! And I know what you mean, I'm gonna be quitting job in September so I can concentrate on uni full-time. I only just got the day of my exam off the other day, it's on a Saturday -_- Procrastination is very very tempting :/ It's mine and fiance's 5 year anniversary today so talking day off to relax and celebrate, but really need to get on with it after!

    Can't believe you still have things to submit! All our assignments were last minute too though. Been over 3 weeks and still had any back. Getting twitchy!

    What you up to this summer?
  10. :blushing:


    How you doing?

    It's exam time now :'( When are your exams? How you feeling? I need to get studying like a mofo.


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