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  1. haaaha, lemme jump into conclusions for you
    im gonna be your best TSR friend haha, I hope that has boosted your self esteem, since you were lonely! Im glad ive fixed your lonely issues LOL and yeah, Im in sixth form atm (year12) you?
  2. Yeaaaah, I get that a lot :mmm: I guess I'm a rebel asian :sexface: I'm aiming for Medicine (yaaay, 'nother generic option) but I'm still thinking of a backup. Y'know, with how competitive it is and stuff.

    Yeah, ikr? I mean, manz doesn't get it at all! (sounds so stupid even when you're mocking it)

    And psssh, I couldn't care less about getting my parent's approval :cool:
  3. ahh check you out, with the brains :O
    I guess you will never tell me, how you figured out my surname, ahhh! you gonna let me suffer like that? nasty man!
    ahh! I feel honoured to be your first TSR friend (loool, I sound like the queen.. check me out)
    guess im clever too!
  4. Haha, I guesso. I'm doing: Maths, Bio, Chem (typical asian trio) aaand -drumroll- ENGLISH LITERATURE! I might do a 5th one (Psychology) if I'm up for it. I haven't really discussed it with my college yet so...

    And nope, you're bare dry init. Manz bare burst and blablabla I hate speaking like that actually. So cringeworthy.

    So how are Woodford County girls? :perv:
  5. good! and yes, im great thanks! ahaa, urrm maxine :P just a randuuuum request
  6. Ah, regret it now

    And yup, finishing off my GCSEs next month and then BAM! AS times time goes so fast.

    and no they don't, you're like 10 years late.

    And really? Sounds kinky :mmm:
  7. heeey! you okay?
  8. Oooh, Maths! Makes me even more regret it. I did my Maths GCSE in year 10 and got an A* :mmm: I know that's average by TSR standards but I'm proud :sexface:

    And English, my strongest subject. I should've taken it D: oh well. Quite smart? I'm sure you're just being modest :P

    Seven Kings is quite rough? Looked really nice when I went for my interview. And I'm used to rough by now, Leytonstone for 5 years. ooh yeah.

    And I don't really wanna go to an All-boys, you see. I mean, sure, you'll get a much easier education. But I want to enjoy myself instead of grudging through my life all dull and lifeless. Going to an all-boys would be a bit... eh.

    And same! It's so cool :mmm:
  9. And YES! EAST LONDON CREW! That would be amazing.
  10. Latymer! I was planning on applying there but I couldn't be bothered with the exam. I regret not taking it though 'cause I heard it was logic and all and I think I would've done quite well. :/ You must be quite smart to go there, how is it?

    I go Leytonstone school. Not the best but... well, nothing else to say. It sucks. I'm hoping to go Seven Kings or Beal, although I applied to Ilford County as well (even though I don't wanna go there).

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