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  1. Close enough, Walthamstow to be exact. But I live just on the border of Leytonstone :cool:

    And yup, we're awesome. What school/college you go to?

    Where 'bouts in East?
  3. I wouldn't bet on it, we had loads of homework for maths lol.
    Yeah I know they don't go. I'm not sure that you'd like a life story, but you're getting a bit of one anyway haha. Basically I like loved maths at school and I wanted to do a maths degree (hence picking double maths). But then I got to college and my teacher (as discussed) was a bitch and I also had another teacher who was just way to strict and made us do our assignments and then practise all the questions again and basically hand in 2 copies of the homework. So first year of double maths really put me off a maths degree and I decided to go down the biology/chemistry route and came up with biochem. I could have dropped double maths to just do the as further maths course but because I loved my class and didn't want to admit defeat I didn't bother!
    Ew @ physics.
    And I'm predicted ABB. I already have an A in A level maths .
    That's my excuse too, I've had enough maths and biochemistry makes a nice change!
  4. Haha well hope for that :P
    Yeah we told her at the end of last year but it didn't make any difference!
    Urmm my offer is ABB if the A is in chem or AAB if the B is in chem!
    Yeah maths, futher, bio and chem - that's me ! What do you do?

    Oooh economics is hard!
  5. Haha well I have been learning about them for the past year!
    Oh FP2 and FP3 are deffo harder than FP1, but not THAT much harder than C4.
    Yeah she's a lazy hoe and we all hate her, but it IS good preparation for uni!
    Yeah I'm *hopefully* going to Bath to do biochemistry, what are you going to do? x
  6. What do you mean by 'speaking' maths lol?!
    It's not a massive beast, no harder than FP2. In fact, I'm pretty sure quite a lot of my class find FP3 easier than FP2. Honest, it's really not as bad as I first thought. Especially if you start learning it early and get heaps of practise.
    Yes, D1 is pretty much ALL algorithms!
    And yeah because my teacher is a massive lazy bitch and has implemented this thing called 'problem based table top learning' which basically translates to putting us in groups, giving us a book and telling us to get on with it.
    And yes I've applied for uni lol
  7. Was pretty boring yeah!
    Urm, I wouldn't say FP3 is any harder to learn. It's not *really* that much more difficult. For example, the main topics are hyperbolic trig (just applications of exponentials and also pretty much the same as normal trig with a few rule changes), 3x3 matrices (only a few more things to learn from FP1 in this) and vectors (extension into planes from c4 vectors).
    Just like any maths core module, it's just like an extension of what you've already learnt.
    If you prefer core (esp calculus, there's a lot of differentiation and integration) then go for FP3.

    As for D1. I hate it. It may be easy and all but I've genuinely found it quite hard to get my head around. We teach ourselves in maths so it's been made all the worse for that.
    The thing about a lot of D1 is it's doing easy things in a roundabout way. But once you've firmly grasped the algorithms, you are good to go!
  8. Yup I am. Last year I took: C1, C2, C3, C4, FP1 and M1.
    In January I took: M2 and S1
    And this summer I'm taking: FP2, FP3, S2 and D1.

    For an A level (either maths or further) you need to have 6 units. C1-4 can only be used in normal maths and FPs only in further pure. I think I'm correct in saying you don't need to do FP3, you can do 4 applied units for the further maths a level instead.
    Does that help?! haha
  9. :cute:
  10. Ah, I do try

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