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  1. Are you sure it actually 'new' though? Have you looked it up your discovery online, since it's quite likely that its already been discovered, since everyone knows the quadratic formula. Would do you mean by 'created a new method' as well? As in, a new way of solving quadratics?
  2. Really? What was this pattern/method?
  3. Well, if I feel I need a bit more proof before I believe something to be true, or I'm just interested in how something was proved, I will just look it up. As for proving something myself, there are many ways. Proof by induction or contradiction are always good places to start, but it's mainly the logical step-by-step method which you get through practice and further reading. You just need to be interested enough to look up proof and derivations yourself really
  4. Well mathematics is an incredibly large field, so you're going to have to be more specific :laugh: The internet is general a good place to start, books as well
  5. I can try, what is it?
  6. Oh, yes of course! Practising trigonometric questions from C3 would be a silly idea for me (for example), because I don't have any difficulty with C3 trig questions. On the other hand, C4 questions involving integrating by recognising trigonometric identities, are something that I sometimes have a little trouble with, so I try to practise those a bit.

    Practice really is the only silver bullet to getting better at maths. It's about creating the neural pathways in your brain so that you can do the tedious stuff (i.e. A level stuff) quickly and automatically. Once you can do that, the difficulty is in seeing what sort of methods the problem requires. A level questions generally don't go this far though and are more about testing how good you are at applying set formulae. Although in June 2013 they did extend beyond this a bit and require a little bit of thinking, but nothing on the level of undergraduate-style maths.
  7. Not with core, but with M3 I completed every question I was having trouble with until I found them easy.
  8. Practice, practice, practice. If you can do all the exercises in the books then you should be exam-ready.
  9. Sorry, no (I'm not a current student so I'm not as au fait with what exam papers exist as the people who are actually studying for exams at the moment).

    I suggest you post a question in the Maths Exams subforums and if these papers exist someone will point you to them
  10. Pembroke college, did you apply to one as well?

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