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  1. Well thank you
  2. Thanks! Never had so much love on TSR lol
  3. I was starting a valid debate. i am allowed to be evangelical if i like. you're going to hell.
  4. Hylean
    Good to see you active again, man. You've been missed.
  5. From similar phonetics.

    The fees don't affect us up in Scotland, and there are subjects outside medicine that I would enjoy, so it wouldn't be a waste of time. We'll have to see what happens.
  6. Microphone. New nickname for you.

    I got rejected, unfortunately. I've yet to sort out what I'm going to be doing next year. Dunno if I want to nab something in Clearing or take a gap year and reapply.
  7. I was thinking about you the other day, actually. I hope you're having a good time in Japan, Microphone.
    When will you be returning to the homeland?
  8. Aha, but for how long?

    Those shrines look so beautiful! And taiyaki looks really good, is it common in Japan? ...a Pokemon Center?? Awesome! Do you have any pics? :teeth: Don't feel like it at the moment - got a politics test tomorrow (an unseen essay on democracy), and I haven't been able to motivate myself to revise :s But you're right, early exams mean plenty of time to recover my sanity and plan out my summer

    As much as I'd love to visit Japan, it's expensive, and I am but a student! Really hope to go over there someday though :yep: I'm hoping to try and learn a language this summer. Got a few in mind, one of which is Japanese. Might be a crazy idea!

    Part of me was still untrusting towards him because we were travelling overnight - my partner decided that was a good time to sleep :dry: How long was your bike ride? And yeah, knowing that it was "get a lift or be stuck" really motivates you and keeps you going. Was a bit worried when it started to get late and I still couldn't get a lift. Never got stranded, though did have to stay in Calais overnight. NEVER AGAIN!

    Croatia is absolutely lovely, gutted that I missed the Plitvice Lakes (the second hostel did day trips to it, but didn't have the time ). Tried the seafood (calamari and risotto are really nice, and soooo cheap! :eek:) A good meal was about 30-60 kuna (£4-8). North Croatia focuses on meat dishes whilst south does fish, but there are also places called Konoba which focus on seafood and traditional meals.

    Will PM you it


    More games?? Right, planning a trip to Japan! That said, been stocking up on mega cheap games at my local gamestation! Oh no, not good! Can't you just saunter over to the nearest Sony Centre and get it fixed? Reminds me of a guy in halls who was boasting that he had ME3 - then his Xbox broke :rofl:

    Is that a shamisen? And ocarinas look so cool :teeth: Sounds like you're having an amazing time! What about the food? Tried much?
  9. Hahaha, well, hopefully it won't be third time unlucky the next time, eh?

    Oh wow, how is it? Hope you're having a good time out there! Tell me all about it! :teeth:

    I'm good, heading into the busiest time of the year though, which I'm dreading! My Education essay is due in the next few weeks and my two exams are in the middle of May...within a day of each other! Sanity levels will be dropping fast! But then 4 months of holiday to chill! :teeth: Nooo idea what I'm going to do with all that free time, hopefully get a job, but other than that, I'm completely stuck for ideas

    The trip went very well, got there in only 4 days thanks to one crazy truck driver taking us all the way from France to Austria in one trip, with many a red bull to keep him going! Aww, thanks! I was better at hitchhiking than I thought I would be, and it was definitely a crazy experience - glad I did it but at the same time I don't think I'll redo it, too many other good experiences to try! Unfortunately the weather was absolutely rubbish in Croatia and my hitch partner was really unhelpful, so decided to cut the trip short and return home a week early (worked out better though, since I would've missed a week of uni and been home very close to day of my test). Definitely hope to revisit Croatia though, its a lovely country and the people are very friendly!

    Well, the photos are up on facebook, didn't really know where else I could upload them haha. Far too many to send through email Could try and find a way to let you see the album though?

    Oh, no worries The link is still open - managed to reach my target before I left, woohoo! :awesome: Do you still have the link or do you want me to resend it?

    Unaware, but it exists

    Aaah, well jealous! That sounds huge, why on earth don't we have such shops here? :eek: Guessing there's a lot more anime in Japan than the UK then? If only I could understand Japanese :sigh:
  10. :hi: Haven't spoken to you in a while, how's life?

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