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  1. I can't form a coherent reply due to the sheer amount of Smug on your wall.
  2. NOTE:

    The War has been abandoned due to possible legal implications and criminal liability that may arise including, but not limited to, harassment and use of threatening language amongst other things which could, in the later future, constitute assault if a slimy and nerdy moderator apprehends that violence will be caused upon his person and develops psychiatric disorders for example.
  3. I'm watching you and your Religion Mod friends very closely. Things are about to get very heated around here...
  4. Didn't end up getting any sleep at all :/ My life...
    It was, different... Really enjoyed it at first, but the effects of the lack of sleep, as well as the strain from standing up fo three hours straight started taking its toll

    Oh right! That sounds really exciting, I haven't yet ventured very far from the UK, apart from visiting family in the Caribbean. How long are you going for?

    I suspected as much tbh :cool:
  5. I definately am Start dissection tomor-well later today, actually! I really should be sleeping :erm: I'm finding it pretty difficult though...
    How are you finding it?

    Weeeey! Did you apply or did they just pick you out for being so damn awesome?
  6. See your hatred and jealousy has corrupted your mind so much that you're becoming delusional. I think it's best that I take the high road and leave it at that. :yes:
  7. Jealousy is a terrible thing Facticity :sadnod:

    I read it, I was just blinded by the picture :pierre:
    Sure you don't :mmm:
  8. Oh well I can still ask him or make my own stand alone experiment. My manga/anime is in a league of it's own anyway :smug:

    Please :hand:

    Yeah and thanks for the link, the blog looks good (I'll ignore the K-ON! pic at the end :pierre:)
  9. lol I would do it but it doesn't seems anyone from the thread is doing so I thought it wouldn't be part of the rules. I should have asked Phalanges when I had the chance :sad:

    And why aren't you doing the culture experiment? :sly:

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