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  1. Yeah that is pretty much what I see myself as. I have been interested in religion from a intellectual historical point of view. I have been meaning to read the bible Quran and maybe the Torah purely out of interest but not out of any yearning for answers.
  2. I felt that rather than trying to do what a religion told me it would be better to try to live a good life as I see it and let God judge me when I die.

    What attracted you to Christianity?
  3. Never really thought of doing anything for it really. Just try to live a decent life be a good person, things like that. I am still trying to work out what I believe though, its fairly hard in a world like ours.
  4. I believe in God. Thats it really. I don't wan't to be part of any religion as they seem to have problems of one sort of another so I just stick with belief in God.

  5. Thanks for the friends request
  6. Kay.
  7. No problem.

    :nothing: :eyebrow:
  8. Your welcome.

    Don't worry, you're gonna ace it. :hugs:
  9. Sorry :puppyeyes:

    Aww, best of luck with all of it. :hugs: Rest as much as you can. It'll be ok
  10. Whatever makes you happy. :rolleyes:

    Aww :console: I wasn't mean Whatsup?

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