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  1. What?
  2. My bad :/ I dont think I have ever negged anyone. I will fix it as soon as it lets me
  3. No. I possed you after seeing all your comments about getting negged and felt sorry for you
  4. I pos repped you?
  5. Just because you defeated us in the past doesn't mean that you're still better than us! :noway: Lingering too much on the past is a bad thing you know.

    Yeah, computers can be annoying, but what can you do? Like them or not we're stuck with them.
  6. Geez! Such hatred towards the Scottish! :talkhand:

    True, true, computer's are sometimes too useful. :judge:
  7. You can deny it all you want, but the truth is that you're wrong!

    True about the computer, it's too tempting sometimes...must...not...switch. ..on...damn it! :ahhhhh:
  8. Nope, definitely the second!

    Ssh, don't give away my procrastination secret! :eek: I also go on to check my email ya know! But you're one to talk, msn addict! :yep:
  9. :huff:
  10. :lolwut:

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