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  1. Magic Dust
    AGI is in your sig, but I'm not? :cry: I thought you loved me...! :cry2:
  2. Since I'm such a good friend, just thought I'd let you know that you might want to keep a close eye on the X-Soc post count...
  3. Ape Gone Insane
  4. :angelwings:

    I agree, though there are several other RPGs that come close, maybe even surpass it in some areas. Hoping its that good, though I'll find out tomorrow :woo:

    Yeah, saw that it was for the PC, but there's no way my laptop could play it. If it comes out for 360 I might give it a shot Seen screenshots of it before, yet didn't bother giving it a look in since it was pc only.

    Sounds like a plan :yep:

    Yeah, get as many people as possible to help you! It'll raise you more money in a faster time.

    Definitely, and its certainly an achievement you should be proud of :yep: Ah, so you're pretty much there then? That's awesome! :teeth:

    May be early in that respect, but it was the last day all my friends would be together in halls before we head home Xmas doesn't feel like it's that soon though, strangely

    Aww, hope so! I'll just have to see what happens
  5. :bubbles:

    Can't wait - the Elder Scrolls is one of my favourite game series :sogood: Haven't played either of The Witcher games - is it for the 360 by any chance? Looks pretty good

    Indeed, I need the rest after that :yep: Woo, that's not too long then!

    It is :yep: I love living there!

    Definitely, it'll help raise money pretty quickly!

    Wow, over £1000?! That's fantastic! Its awesome how you've got sponsors from TSR too, well done on the fundraising! :hugs: how much do you still need to raise? I've got a virgin money giving account now too, though its not quite as impressive as yours...yet

    No worries, we were having xmas dinner, so I wouldn't have been online until later anyway. Should be online tomorrow, but if not I'll make sure to be online sometime on Friday. What time will you be online?

    Cool I'm hoping to experiment a little with my art during the holidays, so hopefully I'll get some good results. I'd like to see what you've been working on though, should be good
  6. Facticity

    Pretty legendary Ape.
  7. Ape Gone Insane
  8. And yeah, my deviantart has a few new drawings up, but I haven't really had the chance to draw much before recently. Depending on when you last saw it there should be at least a few new arts up. I should have a few new drawings up soon though
  9. :jumphug:

    Ah, that would be pretty awesome, though Skyrim will be amazing enough in single player (that much better be certain! :yep:)

    I have no more classes, assignments, or anything uni related until the 15th, so essentially nothing to do. To be fair, there's been a lot to do in the semester, and the essays count for a lot of your grade (plus, I need a 2F average - low 2:2 - to do teaching, so I've been making sure that everything is of a decent standard). You wouldn't think it in such a short space of time but there's a lot of stuff to do for your subjects. Its also long because of they have placements during the holidays for certain subjects, and we get less time at Easter etc. It balances out. Scotland is awesome, it doesn't need bashing! :woo:

    It won't be too long though, you'll be there before you know it! And you'll love it! It's hard work, but its worth it! But hey, you've got Japan to look forward to before then, which'll be awesome :wizard: barren wasteland?? You should see my university - the scenery would completely change your mind on that! (and the squirrels - oh geez there's a lot of them on campus! :eek:) And we've got tons of lovely forests and lakes, no snow at the moment! It's awesome!

    Bake sales are fantastic, though they take a bit of time to prepare for and get people to buy from them. Bag packs can raise tons of money though - I got over £100 when I did one

    Cool, I'll be on sometime tomorrow then, probably later on
  10. heh thanks for your coorporation heh!
    erm so how is your Gap year going?

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