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  1. They are NOT good :sad:
    Parents were not impressed either

    Yep, I'm usually late.. I'm a late kinda gal :love:
  2. Yeah :teeth:
  3. Ah, awesome accent

    Me neither, I will do dice again - and will add facial expressions for the lols. It lacked the face last time :lol:

    Been getting ready for uni and looking after my brothers dog as well as my own while he's on holiday. Looking after my sisters house while she is at bestival at the weekend (so jealous)
  4. Haha can I have some of your chill please? :P

    OMG awkward!! Hahaha. I cannot think of the Newport accent. Hmmm.

    Saw on the describe thread x
  5. But surely the insurance would be even higher if you bought a worse car? :confused:

    And yup, shamefully! Speeding ticket and the lot :teehee:
    But nah, I'm not bad, I just am always late usually :facepalm:
  6. Little annoying things. Hate getting jobs done - but that's life and I need to go to appointments without being a stresshead hehe. Chilling on Thursday though, so that will be nice

    I hear you have been in a tent? tell!
  7. Can't really imagine Jesus being in the C.I.A really :sad:
    Although it would be SOOOO cool if he was!

    Hmm if you say so! I can't say much I'm pretty speedy when I feel like it :teehee:
  8. That better for you? :sexface:
  9. Hipposih! How are you?
  10. i see youve gone to....other tchats now :emo:

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