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  1. OMG hey, sorry i havent been on student room in ages lol. Yea i did i remeber now it seems like a while ago lool. How have u been and yes we had lots of snow and its getting better like sunshine but here and there it rains. then again londons weather is very unpredictable.
  2. A lot can be found in my posts, but why do you ask in such a professional manner...?
  3. Hi Muddasir,

    Thanks for your message...and congratulations on being selected in the short story writing competition by Oxford university press! That is very exciting news.

    I'm afraid I cannot connect with you personally on Facebook, but I would recommend joining the ACCA Facebook page at Also, you can follow us on Twitter at @ACCAUK_OnCampus

    Best wishes, Laura
  4. Hi Muddasir,

    Hope you are well! I'm afraid we do not use these at ACCA UK, so we do not have a policy for their use.

    I hope you are keeping well,

  5. Hi, no no I went Rawalpindi it was nice. Yea it's my second, the first time I was really young so I don't remember but this time it was ok.
    Oh I Haven't but I will definitely check it out
    Oh that's no fun, working n distributing meat lool
  6. Eid mubarak to you too
    Yea i ddi eid in pakistan this year lool it was nice
    We had a cow like a really big one but yeah it was fun
    How was your eid?

    Take care
  7. Salaaaaaaaam, hiya how Are you? Sorry I haven't replied sooner I just have been soooo busy Withi studies and stuff it's like taken over my life in a sense lool. Yea I'm all good. EID was food humdulillah how about yours? Now another EID is coming up in October, well for me loool. How's everything with oh, where are u at now as in career wise tc bro
  8. Hi Muddasir,
    Thanks for your message - interesting to hear about the IFRS information. Olympics have taken over England for the past couple of weeks, so it has all been very exciting! Did you watch the kayaking? ACCA sponsored Ed McKeever and he won a gold medal, so really happy for him.
    Best wishes, Laura
  9. Hiya,

    What detail would you like?

    I honestly don't know.

    Kind regards,

  10. Hi Muddasir,

    Thanks for your message. Yes, London is very crowded at the moment! I will keep you in our thoughts - good luck!

    Thanks, Laura

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