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  1. lol same my conditions are BB in AH and C in a higher. But i just firmed edinburgh . Good luck with choosing.
  2. cool thanks. ye my dundee says the same. Which uni do u think u will accept? im still waiting on glasgow and aberdeen to get back to me post interview but im thinking of withdrawing and accepting ediburgh. What bout u?
  3. hey, sorry to bother you but i saw you had an unconditonal for edinburgh.
    Does your UCAS actually say unconditional or does it say conditional. cos mine says condtional on CRB check and verification of qualifications.
    Thanks for your help
  4. # course structure/life as a medical student is like (available website)
    # what a doctor does (for this it might be important to have a general understanding of the different types of doctor)
    # how medical training is structured (something i took a lot of time to research)
    # areas of development in medicine (e.g. more day-case surgery because of more laproscopic procedures)

    So overall, I would advise you to concentrate on the broader issues than target particular questions other than "why medicine?". Try building a big list of ideas as to why you want to do medicine as preparation as you will find it easier to talk about it from a big reserve of ideas than a set answer.

    Also note the importance of knowing your personal statement - if they ask you anything regarding your PS you need to be able to answer as convincingly as possible, they might be on the lok out for exaggeration.

    If you want, if you give me your email I can email you the Year 1 handbook?

    Good luck!
  5. Hello Iain, sorry for the late reply.

    I have had to divide ethe answer into two messsages because of character limits.

    My Questions:

    # how did you travel here today?
    # why medicine?
    # how would you react if you gave a post-operative patient his analgesics then the ward sister told you that she just them to the patient?
    # why Aberdeen?
    # what is the structure of medical training?
    # how do you feel about the intense competition for speciality training?

    I am not aware of any specific Aberdeen Interview questions. However, what I would emphasise to you is that an interview is not a test of how well you can prepare for it but how much you know about the overall relevent subject, that is to say, it is better to take a general approach to learning as much about medical school and medicine than target probabal questions.

    There are some key areas you have to research very well before interview to provide a solid knowledge base.

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