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  1. Perfection :daydreaming:
  2. Hello fellow ANU graduate! I studied there too, But B Asia-Pacific Studies and B Visual Arts (Honours) looking to do a PhD in the same field. Wakeboarding? wow...that's a little extreme, im more of a chess guy, you know sit safely in the chair and look at the chess pieces, contemplate your next move, that's as much excitement as i need lol... though paragliding does sound like fun ;P
  3. Thanks for the positive rep
  4. Nice! Return of the Drifter is one of my favourite albums. Good to know he's getting more recognition out there.
  5. Yeah no problem, I'm a pretty big fan of UK hip-hop so I hope you enjoy some of the artists that I mentioned before. Jehst is great. AFC fan- I like your style
  6. Hi
    I saw your thread about the bike, it's quite depressing really.
    Except the complete opposite of what happened to you happened to me.
    I lost my key to my bike lock and I had to find someone to cut the lock off -__- quite embarrassing.

    You're extremely pretty btw. I'm jealous.
  7. Ah, sweet. Thank you. The compliment feels more genuine especially when it comes to someone who has more experience than me of life. I'm sure you must be pretty smart as well.

    My days are going on. I've exams in a week and it's now that I have started the revision properly. Off to work now. Enjoy the day!
  8. Wow. That was pretty random and nice.
    Thank you. Pleasure meeting you.
  9. Haha really? It is hot here today :ahee: Although you Australian's would probably find it cold :mmm:

    I'm fine thanks How have you been?
  10. I see :pierre: I assume it might be Aussie specific humour that us British people wouldn't understand? Although TSR can be a bit strict at times depending on who is Mod.

    I can't imagine how cold it would be at a nude beach in England :nooo: You'd be more likely to get frostbite in England instead of a tan >_<

    Haha, nude volleyball sounds like a terrible idea :toofunny: Sounds like quite an awkward game :mmm:

About Me

  • About Ash Pearson

    Where I study
    Planet Earth c;
    Library Officer
    Star Sign
    About me
    Nerd and Proud x

    I also love animals a lot.
    Academic Info
    - Master of Library and Information Management (University of South Australia, 2012)

    - Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science (Australian National University, 2006)

    - ACT Year 12 Certificate (Narrabundah College, 2001)


    - Certificate III in Community Service Work (TAFE SA, 2012)

    - MYOB - Accounts and Invoicing (at work lol, 2012)

    - Senior First Aid Certificate + CPR (St John Ambulance Australia, 2012)

    - Certificate III in Children and Youth Services, including Mandatory Training (AITT, 2011)

    - SA Drivers Licence (Transport South Australia, 2008)

    - Microsoft Office in the Workplace (CIT, 2007)

    - Grooming, Deportment and Beauty (Victoria's Models and Promotions, 2006) (learning how to catwalk fast in high heels and making natural facial masks is hard ok Seriously tho, they taught me how to properly present myself at job interviews too which came in handy after I finished uni).

    - Medical Terminology Course (I used to be a medical receptionist prior to completing my Masters)

    - Responsible Service of Alcohol (Consumer Affairs Victoria, 2005)

    - 5-Step Customer Service (Priceline Pty Ltd, before I started uni, 2003)
    - Volleyball (beach + indoor): absolute passion of mine for the past 3 and a half years - highly recommend it :cool:

    - Reading, especially science fiction and historical novels, and the magazine New Scientist - it's awesome! I also like Vogue magazine.

    - Writing, especially children's stories! As trying to break into the market - so far have only had a short story published in a kid's magazine but it's practice hey.

    - Learning (:

    - Tutoring, I'm a part-time tutor and teach biology, chemistry and English to undergrad and high school students.

    - Promo modelling, usually for annual car events around Oz - I'm pretty busy!

    - Looking after my pet fish Roxy

    - Shopping, giving my mates fashion makeovers (after I graduated from high school I became a hairdresser for a year or so before starting uni) and making amazing new friends.

    - Watching Masterchef Australia (I'm Aussie)

    - Cooking

    - Budgeting as I have a mortgage

    - Eating delicious prawns, drinking moscato down the bay with friends, and watching dolpins
    Random facts :eek:
    - My IQ is 148 and I'm a member of Mensa Australia :flower:

    - I suffer from anxiety which includes social phobia; OCD; HSP; depression; and am on the Autism spectrum. Only found out recently due to my humble beginnings and determination to fit into professional work environments.

    - I have trouble reading social cues and am not socially confident having been a victim of severe bullying for the vast majority of my life, but I'm working on improving my social awareness and social skills. However, I think one of the reasons why I don't interact well with most young people these days is because I lack the bitchyness that they have, am shy, and used to be way too nice to people which is probably why I don't put in that much effort anymore. Now I focus mainly on myself.

    One of my favourite quotations: 'When people put me down or talk behind my back negatively, I remember that they took time out of their pathetic lives to think about me'.

    - A good friend of mine Matt, a chef, is doing Movember and is representing his restaurant! I've already donated a few bucks to help him out, but looking for others to help us too *hint*

    - Also... I can be bit of a tomboy and love rock climbing, wakeboarding + playing labyrinth-style computer games so if this sounds like you as well, feel free to send me a msg

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