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  1. Yes, and yours isn't not bad either although not quite as good as the genuine article, Das Bender.
  2. Thank-you sir.
  3. It's fake, - a joke - don't worry. And your reasoning is incorrect, by the way. Atoms are smaller than stars, and galaxies are smaller than the universe, so by definition - even if there were billions of times more stars than we previously thought - the statement must be incorrect.
  4. What you studying?
  5. lol nice You at uni?
  6. haha, yeah probably would make more sense that way. To be honest, I just found the image somewhere, it made me chuckle so I thought I'd use it as a signature :p:
  7. hey, thanks for your advice. i actually knew that, but I feel quite confident getting A*AA, hence the reason I applied to Warwick in the first place, but I prefer to stay in Manchester after being rejected by the London unis. I will make sure I do not fail to get AAB though.
  8. Primrose Hill. GET LOOKING. She just split up from Doctor Who.
  9. That's Daisy Lowe. Sorry man.
  10. i am indeed a poet. an enterprenuer. a football. a businessman. i am the MESSIAH

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