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  1. hey aqua05,

    i was wondering if you could help me out with my chemistry/bio edexcel alevels prep ! im an international student taking the international editions of the course work units (7 and 8 i believe) and i have not much idea on how to prepare for them.. it would be great if you could offer me some advice or material to aid my study since ive read in other threads that you took them before.. the exam is in about 6 months time.

    really would appreciate if you could offer some aid.
  2. Hello Aqua05,

    I'm Darren, a dental applicant from Scotland. I have not applied for Manchester but I'm looking for more general interview advice as I done terrible with them last year. What responses did you give to the universal interview questions? (e.g. Why dentistry, WHat do you believe would make you a good practioner and any more questions like that which can remember being asked elaborate on an article and so on)
    Also, is Manchester an MMI format? All the colleges I have applied for this year and if Cardiff also is, could you send me a few examples of more obscure questions you didnt anticipate? I know I won't get the same ones but it may help.

    Well done on getting in btw.
    Kind Regards
  3. Hiya, i was wondering if you could please give me some idea as to what sort of questions might be asked at the m'cr interview?
  4. Hey!!!
    It has been a long time!
    Did you manage to get the 3A's? (hope you did!)
    If yes, how's it going? Do you like it in Liverpool?
  5. Hey could you tell me what 2 dental schools have you got offers from and if u cud even tell me what r ur stats?
  6. hey just wondering what 2 schools you applied too that gave you offers and if you have any general advice? feel free to pm me or on my wall, cheers
  7. Hey there

    The reasons for me contacting you via email was because I was wondering if you could give me some advice on my dental application.

    The worrying part of my application I am facing are my GCSE’S I got 4A* 6A 1B. With these gcse grades which unis would you recommend that I apply to? With respect in having a decent chance in gaining at least an interview, as I don’t really mind where I go to uni as long as it’s in the UK because dentistry is all that I have ever wanted to do.

    As far as work experience is concerned I have currently done the following, [if there is anything in which I am not catering for in work experience, leadership, teamwork or any other necessity of the personal statement please may you tell me?]

    1 week maxillofacial hospital
    1 week orthodontics hospital
    4 week general dental practise (at 3 diff practises)
    2 days dental lab
    1 week medical work experience (not sure if I should include this in the personal statement to show I looked at degree too?)
    1 week care home
    1 year at care home for 2 hours a week
    Senior prefect
    First aid

    For manual dexterity I have taken up building/painting air fix models, would this be sufficient in showing this aspect?

    Personal statement: website ideas or things to include?

    Finally is there any advice that you would give to a student looking for entry in 2013 in a position with my gcse grades ?

    Once again thanks a lot for taking the time to read and reply back to my email. Thank you in anticipation!!!
  8. hi do u mean the s1 paper tommorow would be easy?
  9. Aqua05 :P

    Clean up your inbox, I wont be able to send the message until you get rid of some messages x
  10. Thankss 4 your support....have u firmed lvpl yet?

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