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  1. I read your post about functional skills on UCAS, I wanted to ask. I'm doing a part time course accounting and I have all my offers, I am told to move to full time and have to study a level 1 work skills with it to make it full time, should I mention it to UCAS even though it's level 1, everything else will stay the same just the added functional skills.
  2. Mmmh I thought I replied you yesterday... probably I didn't send the message.

    Anyway I thanked you for your quick reply and I've written that I'll contact the office you recommended me when I'll arrive in August for my pre-sessional course of english. Someone told me to search in the Student Union, so I'll collect some information to understand if it's better a SU or a private job.
    Hope to see you in the campus (if I'll recognize you but I won't bet on )
  3. Hi, I've read in that post that you work in a bar.
    I'm coming in Manchester from Italy for a MRes and I would like to work if my timetables will let me to do that.
    Do I need some particular document? Sorry if I ask you but probably you know that.
  4. heyy could you please check your inbox? I have a few questions if that's alright with you.
  5. haha thank you
  6. Hi, I've written a UoM accommodation FAQ, which is on the UoM subforum, and I'm hoping to turn post #2 into a one that's full of pictures & reviews of each hall. Would it be possible to use some of the pics from your flickr account (with credit of course) for it?
  7. Ah that's okay. The links you provided look good.

  8. I have like a million questions to ask but its regarding the life sciences foundation year. Haven't been able to find any ex students and the university itself is shut or something for the Easter holidays.

    Would you know anyone that has studied the course?

    Would really appreciate it if you could help.
  9. Sorry for the late reply! Good to hear, yes everything's going well thanks. Just plenty to do with assignments and such like. How are you finding the workload?
  10. Ahh I see! It was only like £1/£2 extra a week than in halls and I have friends to go with already and I just really liked them!!

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  • About ellakrystina

    Where I study
    University of Manchester
    Waitress at a Hilton Hotel
    About me
    Honesty's the best policy.

    'Best Media Student 2010/11' - very proud
    'Cambridgeshire Young Person of the Year 2011 Finalist'
    'Heart's Local Heroes 2011'
    BA Criminology 1st year student representative
    BA Criminology 2nd year student representative
    BA Criminology 3rd year student representative
    Academic Info
    GCSE (2009)
    A - English Language
    A - English Literature
    A - Humanities
    A - Drama
    A - Food Technology
    B - Maths
    B - Science
    B - Applied Science
    B - Religious Studies
    B - Music
    Pass - Dida Level 2: IT Systems

    BTEC National Award (2010)
    Journalism (Print-Based Media) - Distinction

    OCR Functional Skills ICT - Pass
    OCR Functional Skills English - Pass

    BTEC National Diploma (2011)
    Journalism (Print-Based Media) - Triple Distinction

    UCAS 2011
    University of Manchester (BA Criminology) – DDD
    University of Leicester (BA Criminology) – DMM
    University of Lincoln (BA Criminology) – DMM
    University of Leeds (BA Criminal Justice and Criminology)
    Cardiff University (BSc Criminology)

    My Journalism class organised this festival

    I won a competition to answer 'What I Wish I knew before I came to Manchester' for the School of Law and came first place winning £800 woooo
    Life Ambitions
    - Get Triple Distinction on my course
    - Get into Manchester!
    - Play a lead role in Wicked the Musical in London
    - Tour as a lead singer in a band
    - Get a 1st in my degree
    - or do a masters/PHD in America
    - Get famous
    - Become a standup comedian
    - Get an achievement award from College
    - Donate blood
    - Create a perfume
    - Marry Dara O'Briain and Jimmy Carr
    - Work in Lush
    - Study abroad
    - Learn Polish
    - Get a motorbike
    - Change the education system
    - Work in a prison
    - Bring in new food laws that stop restaurants from classing fish (etc) as vegetarian
    - and a law that do not allow restaurants to class something as vegetarian if it is cooked with animal products
    - Write a novel
    - Become an MP
    - Rule the world generally

    Since 12th May 2011

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