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  1. Hi I just saw your profile on the medic applicant page and was looking for some advice. I was wondering whether you could advise me on unis to which i should apply as our profiles are fairly similar. Any help would be appreciated

    GCSE: 4a*s 6a's 1b
    as level: AAAB
    predictions: A*A*A
    UKCAT: 685

  2. Hi!
    Saw your profile on the Medics and Applicants profile and was hoping for some advice. I am currently on a gap year and am re-applying.
    I have 8A*'s and 4A's at GCSE and achieved A*A*A(a) at A-Levels.
    UKCAT: 670
    I've got work experience and gap year plans e.g. tutoring, care assistant at a care home, volunteering in hospitals and travelling.
    What do I do to ensure an offer this year? What kind of chance do you think I have? Would you be able to look over my personal statement? And is there any med school you'd recommend that you think I meet the requirements very well for? (I've definitely decided to apply to UCL so need to make sure my statement smashes their requirements
    Thanks a lot and sorry for all the questions!
  3. Thanks a lot! id love to come to UCL its my dream university so im hoping to apply this year coming. Hopefully I won't fail miserably in the BMAT
  4. Hey Nikil i was wondering if your going Imperial or UCL? What were their interviews like, similar or a lot different?
  5. Lalalalalalalalalala lad

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