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  1. Sounds an interesting job
    Yeah I also looked at something similar, but you're trained to be a ski/board instructor then you teach afterwards. But it was about £6000 to go to either Australia or Canada. Money that I don't have atm!

    Yeah Mancs is a bit of a way out, I can get there from Sunderland for £20 if I book now, was thinking about getting there at 9am, and just waiting around. I guess the pick up will be about midday there but then according to Mr Sarcastic who replied to my post I shouldn't be guessing! :P I'm not leaving it till 2 weeks beforehand though because tickets will be about £60! Still toying with the idea of finding my way through London and shaving 5/6 hrs off my trip. If I do go to London, I might have to ask you to write me 'instructions for dummies' to navigate the trains there! It'll be like a treasure map - "take 20 paces south east" and such.

    Yeah it's a bit offputting but things can change quickly on the mountains. If not I'll just sunbathe again. I can't remember if I got the extra thing, I don't think I did in the end but I can just pay to go into the places. Night skiing and jacuzzi sounds nice man, but I can't ice skate to save my life! Ice is hard, especially when you fall from my height. It sounds silly but I'm comtemplating getting some protector shorts to wear under my ski pants!! Last year I fell on my coccyxs and had to walk the rest of the way down to the cafe because it was too painful lol. I stuck with snowboarding but I'll see how the rest of my ski and board lessons go then decide when I get there. I'm almost doing parallel turns but snowplow is the best. If K is right, I can just change if I like.
  2. I was thinking health sciences then going studying medicine >< I'm not decided yet.
  3. Hey... thanks for messaging. I guess it works out a lot cheaper if you compare it to a normal uni. My sister studies at UCLAN, and she gets full loan, and full grant. I'm looking for a full time job and was wondering if I'd even be able to do a degree at the same time... but i guess other people are doing that, so it's possible. I was thinking about Health Sciences or Psychology, i've not decided yet. I'm going to look into them more sometime soon I guess.
  4. Hmm interesting, so what kinda stuff would you do during the 9-5 day job?

    Yeah travelling alone is what puts me off a bit really but I've been looking at these organisations where you go with other people. My brother went to American last year with BUNAC during the summer hols. I fancy Australia but the spiders are the major thing putting me off!! It sounds silly I know but I can't even look at the piddly ones we have, nevermind poisonous ones that might be under the toilet seat! Psychology grads can do pretty much any job really -advertising, banking, reruitment, statistician etc,but you have to study more if you want to apply the knowledge e.g. a forensic/child/counselling/occupational psychologist. My cousin is a child psychologist and she had do a PhD for years, although she's raking it in now!

    Yeah I don't like playing the new versions of many war games cos it's too 'real' for me, but the older versions were fun cos I knew a cheat where I could fly across to a roof and shoot through the roof :P Heavy Rain is the most awesome game ever. It's like a murder mystery, but it's more like watching a film. Basically this guy's kid dies, and his other son has been kidnapped by this serial killer and he has to find him before he gets killed.

    Gah, I'm so annoyed about the pick up points, have you seen them? The London one is Chafford-Hundred and we don't even know the times yet so my train tickets are gonna be super expensive. I've only been to London once and that was going through it to get to Cornwall so I'm a bit scared about finding my way on to the right tube train and everything! I could go to Manchester but it would add an extra 3 hrs to the journey.

    I also think I might change my package to skiing as I've had 4 hrs tuition so far and I can pretty much ski ok now, it's so much easier than boarding! I thought I could change halfway through the holiday, or even just get a snowboard for a day and see.
  5. Sounds like you've worked your way up the ranks then! So what do you plan to do with your Engineering degree? Are you gonna build a robot that can make pancakes? :P

    I actually haven't got a job lined up yet I'm not sure what I want to do. I was looking at HR or Recruitment Consultancy as it seems a really interesting job but I don't think I'm confident or competitive enough yet to do that sort of job. I figured I'll float round like a dandelion seed for a bit, maybe go travelling or work abroad after I've saved up.

    Yeah I agree about maths, I was always good at it until A level (I got A* in GCSE!) but hated English because it was so open as to how you got the marks. That sounds harsh marking for engineering :/

    Yeah my twin bro used to play RuneScape ALL the time whilst my big brother and I played Medal of Honour online together. It was the only shooty game I was 'good' at lol. I've tried Call of Duty but I can't keep up with everyone cos people seem to take their games really seriously nowadays or play 18 hrs of the day. I can imagine shouting at kiddywinks would be fun I have a Wii so I tend to play more 'family-friendly' games like Lego Pirates of the Caribbean or Mario games, although I loved to play Heavy Rain if you've ever heard of it? That's exactly what I did too! I absolutely loved making a house (sometimes with the money cheat code ) but playing the families wasn't as fun. Theme Hospital is ace too, except when the grim reaper came along -_-
  6. Awh man a 12/14 hr shift must be hard. I used to sometimes do 11 hrs at Bhs but obviously dealing with clothes can't really compare to dealing with human beans! How did you get into your job btw? job is 'estate manager' as we jokingly call it, I basically just hoover and dust my music teacher's business It's just a big 5 story house. It's money so I'm not complaining, altho it's not doing my back any good (cos i'm getting old u see- 21 in two weeks!).

    96%!! Impressive. I admit, 6th form wasn't easy for me either. I'd just lost the will to put the effort in, and just wanted to get away to uni. I got BCDc in the end but was predicted ABBb; hence when I came to Sunderland through clearing and not Leeds. But I'm not complaining, it's a great course and the teachers are awesome.

    Salad fingers! Haven't seen that in ages, it is a little weird lol. Yeah the guy who does it is from Doncaster too, and his mum was my art teacher! We used to say "I like rusty spoons" in her classes he he.

    You've never had scotch pancakes? They're just a smaller sweet pancake, bit like the American ones.

    I normally use crazypianolady as mine, the stupid zzzzippy is just from my email address. I wish I could change it! What games did you used to play? I don't know many games, although I love to play Heavy Rain. It's sort of an immersive murder mystery game?
  7. Pasta and pizza is the way forward! Oo nice, don't spend it all at once :P

    Yeah I did A level maths (only got a D tho lol) and remember those things. That was the feeling I had every lesson of not knowing why it's useful. Have you ever seen the Oatmeal cartoons online? I think this one sums up that feeling! (let me know if the link doesn't work)

    Well I don't talk two of my housemates so I don't really mind what they think! But others I hear close their doors when I start to play :/ Cool, that's good - there's the place that I go to in Sunderland but I guess that's a bit out the way? It's called Associated Music Teachers. The guy who teaches me owns it, he also randomly just gave me a job too!

    Yeah I never understand people who just eat pancakes once a year yet they love them so much! Scotch pancakes are nice too.

    Random question time: Can I ask where you got your name 'Bleak Lemming' from? Is it from the game? I used to love play that, and Sims 1 because of the piano music!
  8. Nooo, everyone think you use your arms but in the type of rowing that i do (the type you see at the olympics), all the power comes from your legs - just think how big your thigh and bum muscles are compared to your biceps! I would be built like Arnie if it was just arms :P

    "Procrastinators unite...tomorrow!" That's my motto. Yeah I'm in the same boat really. that advanced maths?

    Well I've been playing since I was little but just messing around on it really, I haven't taken lessons or anything. I'm studying toward my grade 5 on saxophone tho Grade 5 guitar is really good too, you should start learning again if you have time!

    Cool, never heard of that place. My jacket was from dare2b - got £140 off! Ah don't worry, it's only cos he was a complete pudding and didn't wear shades for a day :/ It was on the penultimate day but I guess it lasts as long as a skin burn would. I would definitely get some sunglasses as the snow is very bright and *hopefully* it'll be sunny skies. I just wore my goggles when there was white-out. I know what u mean tho, I do feel silly wearing them!

    You'll be living off pasta for a week then?!
  9. Ah I see, yeah I've seen a few of those, although you don't get too many in Sunderland! Never tried kayaking, I guess that's more of a workout for your arms? I've only fallen in once, about 2 weeks ago at Durham. I was steering a double (two person boat) and hit Elvet Bridge and we went in, I could barely breathe with the shock of it! Certainly got the piss taken out of me by other club members afterwards

    Good guess, I am. Third year now! I actually can't believe I've booked a holiday when I have a dissertation and exam revision to do, and with complete randomers, but it's a great opportunity. Oo St James Village looks nice, at least you've moved out and got a place of your own - it took my brother 7 years to move out after 6th form! Yeah I have a big electric piano that I always have to squish into a room, it only just fits into my mum's car too so moving it around is awkward. Are you any good at playing the drums?

    I struggled finding ski wear because I'm about 5'10, but eventually found something. Where did you get yours from? There should be snow, if there was none at all I'm sure they'd cancel! I think it's near to where I went last year and there were still plenty of runs left. The weather was nice too, I only wore a tank top under my jacket and at times we were sunbathing on the slopes! When there's a white out tho it's so chilly, obviously because you're in a cloud.

    Nope, still need to pay up. I'm gonna be skint too, I spent just £90 for two birthday nights out with my friend :/ Was my first time in Newcastle for a night out tho - it's awesome! It kinda puts Sunderland to shame aha.
  10. Yeah the house is just off Osbourne Road actually, but what are 'the raas'?! I'm moving in with one of the freshers at the rowing club I go to, so she'll be in second year when we move in. Do you live on your own then? Or at home? My house isn't too bad for mess, it's actually a nice house - it's just one person that ruins it!

    Yeah I think I would probably do something like that, I'm presenting a case study about a schizophrenic woman in a seminar next week actually. I hate presentations, but it's interesting anyway.

    Wow, that's cheap to London, and first class too! I think we left Sunderland on the coach around 4pm, got the the ferry at 5am, and it took about 12 hours driving through france, then we arrived in the evening. It'll probs be the same thing. People put DVDs on which you can listen to with your headphones, and we all got into our pyjamas :P It's so awkward trying to sleep on a coach tho! Especially if you can't put your feet up, but it's worth it when you're on the slopes

    I've had two beginner skiing lessons so far as well, and some intermediate boarding lessons soon so just gotta decide which one to do!

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