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  1. Hello! I'm frantically trying to find a study guide for 'Io non ho paura' as I'm doing it at A2 and I saw that you had done it for your exam last year. I'm taking the Alevel on my own as they don't have an Italian teacher at my school and I really don't know if I have enough in depth analysis, I was wondering if you could enlighten me as to what resources you used? I'm hoping it wasn't all your marvellous brain or teacher?! It would be a great help! x
  2. Ooooh I went to see her in 2011 I think - I can't remember the venue though My favourites have to be Better and Samson - so touching!
  3. Thank you for the rep! I shall return it I adore Regina. :love:
  4. Well, dankeshön! :lol:
  5. What library is that in your sig? It looks lovely.
  6. Hi there,
    I noticed that you received an offer from Cambridge for French and German, and was wondering if I could ask you a couple of questions. I'm thinking about applying to Cambridge for 2014 entry (German and Russian), however I feel that my German vocab is really quite poor. I study Higher German (the Scottish equivalent of AS) at the moment, and don't find it particularly difficult at all, however when I read newspaper articles (on the Die Zeit website, for example) I find that I constantly have to look in the dictionary. I understand that if you apply to Cambridge for languages you have to take a written test, but I'm worried that I'd simply fall at the first hurdle, and do horribly in it because I feel my range of vocab is so weak. What did you find worked for you when learning vocab?
  7. Well in German we did so much last term! In the introduction to German paper we do 3 different literature models including Goethe, Kleist, Medieval lit and Kafka, Linguistics, History and Thought! There are so many interesting topics and you chose only 3 to do in the exam so you can focus on the ones that interest you most of all which I find really good You have use of German classes where you cover A-level grammar in more depth and start to learn new things whilst also writing mini German essays to hand in each week. There are fortnightly translation classes and the work we're set is really random- I had to translate part of mein Kampf last term! Then you have oral supervisions and supervisions on the introduction to german paper! It's quite intensive but extremely rewarding and fun
  8. Cool choice! I do German post A-level and Italian ab initio! The course is so good Wow, caius is such a beautiful college too and it's meant to have an excellent french deparment xx
  9. Hey Congrats on your MML offer- it really is the best subject at Cambs
    What languages are you doing and what college are you going to? xx
  10. I'm from South Africa and I looooove KCL, but also love UCL too. Behind Oxford of course

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