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  1. Hello I m visiting Aston on Wednesday but I'm scared people will be unfriendly or the city might not feel so safe. Are any of these true? Do people usually go with their friends on offer holders open day? I'm going to be going alone to the uni so I'm just really nervous
  2. How are you finding the course at Aston? I want to do exactly the same as you're doing! What lang have you taken?
  3. For aston what are my chances of getting in with a BBB prediction?
    Biology, geography and history.

  4. AishaTara
    Hey I just read one of your posts about German, and was just wondering if you could offer any advice for AS, as I literally can't do it :O its so much harder then expected the papers, especially reading exercises :O
  5. Hi I saw in Manchester applicants thread you mentioning nightlife a lot. Me and my mates are going up there for Stone Roses and we have a Friday night in Manc what sort of places would you recommend?
  6. Yeeah I know Birmingham has a slightly better reputation but I just prefer Sheffield as a city and... yeah I live 20 minutes out of Stockport, in the Peak District! Small world.
  7. haha I'd forgotten about that! I applied for Cambridge, Sheffield, Manchester, Birmingham and Salford, but I got a rejection from Cambridge probably after I lost my temper at interview :/ so I'm hoping to go to Sheffield! Do you actually live in Manchester or (like me) in one of the strange outskirts so you say Manchester to avoid getting blank looks?
  8. I see you're doing languages! What other unis are you going for? I want to do french and spanish
  9. Sorry to bother you but I couldn't help but notice your post on the AS coursework.

    I have to resit the coursework this year (I got a high B in the exam and a D in the coursework making my grade a C which is probably due to being ill for the vast majority of the course)

    I was just wondering is the module the same 'writing to entertain /persuade and inform ect' for everyone ? and the bare essentials to getting a good grade (my original coursework was far too vague) I was considering using an anti smoking article and writing a piece of writing against fast food ...but I have no idea what to do for the other piece of coursework.

    Sorry to bother you.
  10. Hi there

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